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Red dead 2 mods

We love the western world created by Rockstar in Red Dead Redemption II. To celebrate its launch on PC, we have a Red Dead Redemption II giveaway for all email subscribers! 4,444 PC gamers have been waiting (eagerly) for a year to get in touch with RDR2, and now it's time to get a taste of the immersive cowboy adventure on PC. We can't wait to see how this game performs on some crazy high-performance builds, but we're sure the wonderful story of Red Dead II will be an unforgettable experience for PC gamers around the world.

We have a game code given to three lucky readers, allowing them to enjoy all the glory of RDR2, completely free!

Our giveaways are open worldwide, you just need to answer the following questions to make sure your works get on and on our mailing list. Chapter

Good Luck!

Red Dead Redemption II Giveaway

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