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Facebook unexpectedly acquired Ready at Dawn, a senior game developer. The studio behind games such as Lone Echo will now be run by the Oculus Studios team.

In a new Oculus blog post, the studio announced that “Ready At Dawn has joined Facebook, and the future of innovative VR content has never been so bright.”

According to an announcement on the Oculus blog, Ready At Dawn will continue to “be an independent studio for Gamers around the world create memorable and immersive innovative VR content".

Ready At Dawn originally started as a console game and is known for games such as The Order: 1886. When Facebook acquired Oculus and released the Rift VR headset, Ready At Dawn began working on virtual reality games.

Oculus is no stranger, Ready At Dawn has developed four games for the platform since 2017. Lone Echo, Echo Arena, Echo Combat and Lone Echo II have the unique zerog continuous motion system and inverse kinematics (IK) of Ready At Dawn. Ru Weerasuriya, CEO and Creative Director of

Ready At Dawn, wrote on Twitter: “About 17 years ago, we started our journey to build a game studio. In the process, we have been in the genre, experience, game and platform. Innovate. Today, we are very happy to join the Facebook family, open a new chapter in our history, and continue to pursue our passion for #WeAreRAD."

As Facebook has made great progress in VR technology, this means Ready At Dawn It should be able to produce more original VR content well. The

The Ready At Dawn team will continue to operate as an independent studio, with its current offices in Portland, Oregon and Irvine, California. This means that the entire Ready At Dawn team will join the Oculus Studios team.

Oculus said that due to its success in Quest, support for Echo VR games will continue. Although Ready At Dawn seems to have plans for future projects, they are currently reluctant to discuss details. The studio will currently work on the Lone Echo II, but it will be interesting to see what this new team will emerge in the next few years.

What do you think of the Ready At Dawn purchase? Are you a fan of Echo VR games? Share your thoughts below.

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