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Razerstore london new branch

CES 2020 RAZER BOOTH is full of wonderful, old products, some new ones. Circular mobile game controller, Razer blade laptops and New Razor Raptor 27 Gaming Monitor, keep the latest innovation and games technology.

Razer is the top of your games for a while when you reach the peripherals and laptops of the game, there is no doubt there. In fact, the WEPC office has a lot of mouse and Razer keyboard. And now they extended their game rule by including the monitor of their product line. Or, more precisely, Razor Raptor 27.

We received a hand on this new showfloor monitor and have already been stacked with the Bigname Monitor brand that already dominates the market. I confirmed. The

4K game can be popular, but 1440p remains a standard resolution. Most players are good things to make sure Razer would have taken it into account. The 144 Hz update rate and the response rate of 7 ms are standard and provide a playing experience without problems and prints. It also provides free synchronization support for AMD and further strengthens its game functionality.

Like all Razer products, Razer Raptor Design 27 is sophisticated stylish, and definitely adjusts to its common aesthetics. The support can be adjusted both for height and for the slope that help customize the workspace and improve access to ports of the port of bending. In

ports, there are few expected things for HDMI, DisplayPort, USBC and two USBA ports. You can even charge the device through the USBC port, but Razer says that this is just a low battery device available.

The most important thing is that it is a LED strip that can be customizable along the base for at least for the design. Thanks to Razer Synaptic 3 software, you can control and customize the light to fit your design.

The monitors are still classified as "EarlyDesignphase model", so there is no exact launch date, but it is expected to be available in the second half of 2020. However, I know the price. Razer Raptor 27 is at $ 700 and is available both in the United States and Canada. There is no word about whether it is released around the world or if it can happen.

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