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Razercon 2020

The popular and well-known gaming brand Razer recently announced the opening of a new RazerStore in London, which is the first of its kind to open in Europe. The opening of the

RazerStore will be a highlight on any gamer's calendar, as Razer will open its doors at 11 am, followed by the opening ceremony at 10:30.

is located at Charing Crossroads. The new store covers an area of approximately 3,700 square feet and spans two floors. It showcases its full range of products, including its unique mouse, keyboard, headset, laptop, etc. You can bet that Razer will also launch the new Razer Phone 2, which is considered the best way to gain the upper hand in mobile gaming.

The new RazerStore will be the largest of its kind, even larger than stores in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Taipei City or San Francisco. On the opening day, it will showcase gamers’ expectations for the new physical store. Game mall.

officially lined up at 7 a.m., opened at 10:30, and first opened at 11 o'clock.

visitors can also meet some of their favorite celebrities from the game, including SYNDICATE, PYROCYNICAL, and Hat Films. Attending the 2:00 pm press conference, taking photos, signing products, and distributing prizes to the attending crowd, that's not all. From 5:00 p.m. at 8:00 p.m. On that day,

visitors will also have the opportunity to show off their playing skills. The RazerStore in London will host Razer FaceOff with Fortnite, a series of mini Fortnite tournaments. The winner of the competition will even receive some incredible prizes, with the Nari Ultimate headphones in first place, the Huntsman Tournament Edition keyboard in second place, and the Razer Viper mouse in third place. The

Razer London Store Opening Celebration ends at 8pm and the store closes, but this doesn't mean that if you can't make it to the launch event, you'll miss out on all the fun.

From day to day, there will be a large gaming test area where customers can test the latest Razer products and place large screens around the store to display various esports events.

Not only that, but shoppers can also participate in weekly tournaments, game training camps, and weekly tournaments that are held on the lower floors of the store. What can customers expect? Multiplayer gaming consoles, a dedicated media streaming booth, and even ten battle stations will be used for competitive gaming activities, making the Razer Store more than just a computer parts store, but a dedicated hub for the gaming community in central London.

This makes the RazerStore more than just a store to buy peripherals. It looks like it will become the center of the London gaming community. RazerStore Global Director

Christine Cherel said of the new location in London: “London’s gaming scene is rapidly expanding and is an important city for our expansion plan. The new RazerStore London will become a game and technology enthusiast who wants to experience the latest products provided by Razer. The destination of choice, the environment is designed to showcase our products in a fascinating and immersive way. "

If you can’t participate in the shop, it doesn’t mean you should miss all the fun! If you purchase any peripherals on the Razer website between December 14th and December 31st, you will get the Team Razer V2 lanyard for free at the time of ordering-just use the coupon code AFFWEPC at checkout.

or purchase any Razer laptop between December 14th and 31st to get a free Razer mechanical switch test module (worth £19!); just use the coupon code AFFWEPC at checkout to get these free gifts To celebrate RazerStore London!

Want to try the new RazerStore in London? Is ncia more interactive in other game stores? Tell us in the comments section.

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