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Razer viper mini release

2020 is a strange year for hardware events. With the global pandemic, as major hardware and gaming companies adopt the latest technology directly into our living room, we have seen all regular announcements, revelations and conferences going online. Now, it looks like Razer wants a piece of cake of its own when preparing for the first RazerCon. Let's see what we can get from this inaugural event!

Razer describes its first RazerCon as a "Global Mixed Reality Keynote", which sounds pretentious and exciting. When it comes to these live events, it’s great to see more than just a CEO in a suit and boots standing on the stage (or in his kitchen) talking to the camera about his latest invention. However, we can't completely blame the company for doing this in the past - this is the world of 2020, after all we all just live in it.

The event will be streamed on Razer's Facebook page and its Twitch and YouTube channels, so you can watch it no matter what platform you are on. Check out the link to the live stream below.

This exciting live stream from Razer will begin on Friday, October 10 at 09:00 Pacific Standard Time / 12:00 Eastern Standard Time / 17:00 British Summer Time.

Razer created a crowded program for RazerCon, including giveaways, product displays, and special guests, so if you don't want to miss out on anything special, be sure to check out the program!

It seems that Razer is also preparing for a surprise, because its schedule for a period of time (6 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.) is only the Razer logo; We're guessing what this could mean on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

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