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When Razer announced their new Tomahawk series of PC cases, I wouldn't lie, I was very excited. I'm not a fan of Razer, but even I can't deny how aesthetically pleasing Razer products are. Razer finally set foot in a field. In the past, as part of the cooperation, they simply put a logo on the case of another brand. This is the first disappointment, they have basically renamed the Liancool 2 and seem to think that some RGB proves that this is double the price. Yes, you read that right, this will give you almost $ 200 back! The

was shocked when I saw the price. It didn't make sense, but let's get on with it and see what the Tomahawk ATX PC Case can provide. I can assure you that this is not air flow.



Motherboard holder



494 mm x 235 mm x 475 mm

Fans Includes

1 x 120 mm Midtower

mA Amazon

motherboard holder,

mA Amazon

motherboard holder,

mA, MiniITX


494 mm x 235 mm x 475 mm

Including fan

1 x 120 mm


Steel, tempered glass

Expansion slot


4 4 4 4 4 4 4 mm 4 maximum 4 drives 4 4 drives 4 4 mm 4 drives Length 4 8 or 2.5" HDD or SSD 2x 2.5" SSD

Heat sink compatibility

Maximum 360mm


Tool-free high-quality tempered glass panel

Low brightness RGB

Easy to use



4CON No vertical installation 44CON 4444CON Poor airflow

Only with 1 fan, without RGB

The appearance of the shell is mainly different from the Lilancool 2. The look of the Tomahawk is very good, following Razer's usual all-black design choices, with a luminous logo on the front. The front of the

case is the airflow design we usually see, a pair of RGB fans, or at least something slightly different from the case of this price. But not here, Razer has been looking for performance and has provided Tomahawk with a thick perforated net. This untested net seems to have a problem, although they added a dust filter plate behind it, it is covered by a gap at the bottom to remove the panel, which means it will collect dust faster than many people. Other cases. The main focus of the

front is the Razer logo on the front and the center. This is something for fans, but I don’t comment. It looks great when opened, but it doesn’t suit me. The overall front looks good, but if we take Corsair's 4000/5000 series boxes as an example, they solve the aesthetic and performance issues in one go. There is nothing to write on the back of the

, and the quality is quite good, with almost no bending of the metal plate. The biggest impact of all this is the lack of fans. This price is considered a premium, and when we see other manufacturers offering more fans at half the price, you have to wonder what Razer thinks. A simple 120mm fan? one? The $50 PC case includes one of them, and I am confused.

If you want this case with all your heart, you need to buy at least two front fans, otherwise its components will cook very slowly. My other surprise about Tomahawk is its 7 PCIe slots. There is space for vertical +2 installation beside it, but have you decided not to include this feature? In the absence of airflow, this may be best, but fewer features at such a high price is another sign in the negative column. The Razer Tomahawk Tomahawk

adopts thick tempered glass panels on both sides. The side panels do not require tools and are opened / closed by magnets, and the hinges are hidden inside. You can easily remove each panel by pulling them out of the buckle, and they are relatively easy to get on and off without a hitch. Both TG panels are colored, making your RGB components glow in a dark room, but without additional lighting, they will make any additional items (like modified cables) pointless. The top of the

chassis is one of the few areas for ventilation, but sadly it shares the same perforation pattern as the front panel. This thick mesh design looks great, but it's not really practical and airflow will suffer. I'm not sure why they decided to do this, because the included magnetic dust filter will cover it anyway.

At the top, there is enough space to install up to two 140mm fans or just two 120mm fans. This means that there is only 240 or 280mm of space for the radiator at the top, leaving only the front as the first choice for 360mm radiation. All this is not surprising, because it has many similarities with Lancool 2, but in terms of size, weight and price, I hope there are more choices.

On the front of the top of the box, we see I/O, which includes:

If you are familiar with Lianli's Lancool 2, you will almost immediately notice that below its appearance, the Tomahawk is essentially a replica. It should be noted that this is not a problem. Lancool 2 is a solid shell, but it is only half the price and has more fans.

If you are not familiar with this design, Tomahawk is spacious enough for high-end builds and can also accommodate a custom water circuit. The design feels logical, and there are enough cuts to expand to optimize cable management. At the front, there is a detachable cut out to give way to a thick radiator or water tank.

At the top, you have enough room for a 280mm radiator, but the distance can

You can install two more 120mm fans, which may be a good idea in this case. The drive bay appears to have a hot-swappable design, but there is no hot-swappable feature. You will need to open the side panels to fully install / remove the storage devices, especially if you've managed everything via cables. There is a 120mm fan slot on the back of the

. You can install an ATX motherboard. On the back panel is a cable post, a great alternative to the rubber grommet, and features that I tend to like in modern cases because they give you a cleaner, more user-friendly aesthetic. The

's rear panel shows a small pre-installed controller for RGB lighting under the cabinet and the logo on the front. This takes up the ideal space for any hub / fan controller you get with high-end AIOs, but there's room elsewhere. I installed the fan hub in an unused storage mounting tray, of which there are two. The

has enough space and clips for easy cable management, and they include some inexpensive but effective Velcro straps, making the process simple for beginners. The drive bay cage can be moved to a more optimized position and re-secured with thumbscrews. You can completely remove the cage from the rack, but Razer doesn't give you enough space to remove it completely. This is not a big deal, but it is another example of how bad the overall design of this case is. In addition, the screw plate in this copy box is bent. The

case has a "shield" that can easily hide your messy cable management work, but the glass has a heavy tone, so I'm not sure if you need them. It's great to have such an option, but suppose you buy some modified cables and run the cleanest cable management system ever, you won't see it, so the panel only adds weight and nothing else. .

Razer says "Maximum Cooling" and "Maximum Performance". They say this is designed to optimize air cooling, but even if you add all the fans in the world, the end result will tell a different story. I'm not saying that this is a bad PC case, but when the competition of $30 to $50 breaks it in every way, you must wonder what the meaning of Tomahawk is.

If you're fascinated by Razer, take a look at some of their collaborations, like the O11D with Lianli, but if not, you can get a Lancool 2-like design for less than half the price. There are several high-quality alternatives on the market, and they are all cheaper - don't buy them.



motherboard compatible with



494 mm x 235 mm x 475 mm

includes fan

1 x 120 mm It seems that Amazon has

which is double the price ? Yes, you read that right, this will give you almost $ 200 back! A fan, no air flow and too expensive, do not buy it.

Razer Tomahawk ATX

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