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Approximately 10% of the world’s population is left-handed, which means that for such a large game player, a computer mouse designed for right-handed users is uncomfortable, not ergonomic, or even usable. Since most mice, especially gaming mice, are specifically designed to conform to the shape of the game player's hand, and extra buttons are carefully placed to facilitate right-handed use, this may cause real problems.

Few manufacturers produce a mouse specifically designed for left-handed users. Many people think it is a niche market that will not be as profitable as for most right-handed mouse users, so it has been largely ignored , Maybe designed some mouse options for any hand, they are the next best choice.

For MMO, MOBA, and other games that use a lot of buttons, the left-hand mouse has few options. In 2014, Razer released the LeftHanded version of its Naga MMO mouse, but these were only produced for a limited time and could not be purchased for a long time. If you don't get one while they're still available at all times, or if yours is damaged or worn, you're completely out of luck.

For LeftHanded MMO gamers, thankfully, Razer today re-released the Naga LeftHanded Edition gaming mouse with a modern redesign and some new features, making it a nice upgrade to the 2014 version. The

mouse has 19 + 1 buttons. built-in, and even the most complex game interface has enough input to handle all hotkeys and shortcut keys. Each key can be reprogrammed with a custom input and you can instantly switch between input profile and custom sensitivity settings. Naga LeftHanded Edition uses a 20,000 DPI optical sensor for extremely accurate mouse input. This mouse comes with Razer's 2-year warranty, including access to its customer support forum.

I am privileged to be right-handed myself, so I asked Jacob from PCGuide about his left-hand view of this new professional mouse:

uses a computer, which is a bit normal. I've never really tried to use a left-handed mouse, maybe it will completely change my life. Of course I'm interested in trying it out, although it may seem a bit strange at first.

From an esports perspective, I asked Hazel about esports verdicts, who is also left-handed. What do you think of this new mouse from a high-end competitive gaming perspective? like League of Legends or Dota Super professional gaming mouse with high click rate, in most cases it doesn't make much of an ergonomic difference. But when it comes to the competitive advantage of hundreds of clicks per minute, using a non-dominant hand or being limited by what you can lay down is a huge disadvantage. Naga is very popular because it is highly customizable, and even all left-handers have a large playing field. In fact, I am very excited about this because I have never been able to take full advantage of the more complex right-handed mouse because I use it not instinctively. "

Razer is very inclined to support left-handed mouse mobile gamers. Not only did it launch this product, it also launched a Facebook group to bring left-handed players together. It seems that even a small part of the broader gaming community, Razer will do its best to serve that small part. Obviously, this is to sell as many of these mice as possible, but the side effect of helping more people feel inclusive is a good reward. Seeing anything that helps make games and computing Usable devices that become more common are always good for more people to use, eliminating the physical barrier between you and the PC. This mouse is a good choice for those who have difficulty using another mouse. The

Naga LeftHanded Edition gaming mouse can be ordered from today. If you are choosing one or you plan to become a left-handed gamer in the right-handed world, please let us know.

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