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Razer nari wireless gaming headset review

Razer Ornata Chroma is a keyboard designed around two main functions: Razer's proprietary membrane switch and the evolving RGB, which feels and looks great. Razer

is a brand that has been under fire for years for putting RGB and functionality above build quality and performance. As we all know, their products worked well at first, but they soon found that life was too difficult and soon began to deteriorate. Razer Basilisk is a good example, but we will not discuss this issue again.

Fortunately, Razer finally started to take poor build quality more seriously, using better materials in the design of mid-range and high-end products. This is good news for consumers. With this in mind, today we will take a closer look at the Razer Ornata Chroma, which is a gaming keyboard that provides a proprietary membrane switch that provides the "best of both worlds" experience.

We will push it to its limit and see how it performs in many scenarios, including games, build quality, RGB and value for money. In addition, we will see how it can compete with the keyboards in Razer's own arsenal (BlackWidow and Huntsman) and some excellent alternatives such as the Corsair K70.

So, with all of this in mind, let's go straight to it!



Like all Razer products, Oranata Chroma is equipped with a black and green shell, a full display of the keyboard on the front, and specifications and functions on the back and sides. The box is quite sturdy, which means there will be no damage in transit, and there is even a small cutout on the front, so you can try it out first and buy it later. It feels good. Inside the

: The

is ready to go out of the box, you will first notice that the Razer Ornata Chroma Symphony Edition has almost lost the entire Razer branding, very similar to the Razer Cynosa Chroma. The only Razer brand logo is on the bottom edge of the keyboard below the space bar, but even this is hard to spot. Speaking of the Razer Cynosa, when comparing the two designs of these keyboards, there really isn't much of a difference. They are exactly the same size and almost the same shape. On one (Cynosa), there is a small plastic RGB Razer logo at the bottom with a slightly angular shape, while the other (Ornata) has a Razer engraved below the space bar and a plastic indicator panel above the numeric keypad. . Otherwise, the two plates are very similar in design.

With that said, Ornata appeared on the desktop, providing the classic Razer all-black aesthetic, perfectly paired with the vibrant and fully customizable RGB, which we will introduce in detail later. This keyboard is mainly made of plastic, and after some resistance tests (twisting and bending with some force), we came to the conclusion that it is of good quality, but not the best we have seen. The plastic around the keys has finished with a subtle rough matte texture, which feels good in most cases. It doesn't provide much grip or comfort, but I think this is what Ornata's biggest professional provides: the wrist rest.

We will discuss the wrist rest in more detail later, but from a design point of view, it looks good. On the surface, it has a leather look, feels great, and provides excellent comfort. However, it adds a lot of depth to this keyboard. Therefore, if you work at a small desk, you may want to consider this before buying.

One of the major changes that distinguishes Ornata from Cynosa is the key. Razer has equipped Ornata with half-height keys, which makes the outline of the circuit board much lower. In fact, I really like the way the low-key buttons make the dashboard look, and contrary to what some people think, they are actually used for functional purposes too. However, we will talk about it later.

moves to the back of the dash and offers very few design features. It's equipped with a tough braided cable, and it looks like it can stand the test of time, while at the same time having almost no abrasion on your cushion, which is definitely a benefit. Then, due to the cable routing cuts, users will be able to perform cable management in Ornata in three different directions. Very convenient. Four small rubber feet are provided at the bottom of the keyboard to help keep the keyboard in place. It also provides two pop-up feet that can lift the back of the board for a more comfortable writing posture. Apart from the fact that they only add height, the only drawback of these feet is that they do not have any grip. I have a glass desk and the keyboard slides everywhere. So for me, it's a bit annoying.

Overall, I find the Ornata design a bit unsatisfactory. Considering that design is usually a big selling point of Razer products, you would like to see more Ornata in this department. However, as we all know, RGB usually compensates for any inconspicuous design flaws, so in the RGB test section of the review, it will be interesting to see how the lighting affects the design.

Next, we will take a closer look at some of the features provided by Razer Ornata. Modern gaming keyboards now have multiple functions and advantages that help to differentiate the market significantly. Razer is known for its shielding features on the motherboard, whether it's a cheap mouse or a high-end keyboard. So after a rather mundane design review, we are very curious what this keyboard offers in the functional department. Chapter

Sneak In

First, let's take a look at the switches provided by this keyboard. Ornata is equipped with Razer's new membrane switch: "the best

Both office users and gamers can use them. In terms of feel, these switches feel great. I have tried many hybrid switches before, and most of them belong to one field or another. However, Razer appears to have hit the head with its membrane switch. Add the half-height key to the equation and you have a very enjoyable typing experience.

Next we have RGB lighting. As we all know, Razer is known for its full potential of RGB in its peripherals. Many of their products rely on the quality of RGB as one of the main selling points. So, with this in mind, we are very happy to see what the keyboard called Chroma technology can provide.

out of the box, Ornata showcases beautiful and vibrant RGB settings. However, when we enter the Synapse III package, the fun really begins. Within Snypase, users can fully customize the keyboard and RGB lighting effects, down to each individual key.

Chroma Studio is very easy to use, making customizing this keyboard's RGB a real treat. Users can divide the keyboard into separate parts and customize each part according to their own preferences. You can customize each part or key using presets, while also having a choice of 6.8 million colors.

If the level of customization is too much for you, don't worry, Razer also installs many presets to make your life easier. The presets range from color cycles to (my personal favorite) domino effect and almost everything in between. They even equipped this board with a cool "audio meter" preset that can adapt RGB to the style of music you are listening to. Well organized.

As mentioned above, due to Razer's decision to implement half-height keys here, this keyboard provides a low-key design. These are the bumps between Chiclet and full-height keys, making them (again) the best of both worlds.

In addition to making the keyboard look more stylish, Razer said that the medium-height keys can also help improve game performance. It is said that they are designed in a way that can really improve the responsiveness of the game. To me, this sounds like marketing jargon, but what is certain is that the height of these keys is almost suitable for typing and office use. Such a big thumb is there. The

anti-ghost key replacement is nothing new in the keyboard industry; however, it is still a very effective feature on gaming keyboards.

For people who don't know what this function is, double images will appear when multiple keys are pressed at the same time, causing the keyboard to fail to register one (or more). In order to eliminate the possibility of this happening, keyboard manufacturers have begun to implement key replacement functions on their motherboards.

This allows the keyboard to record every keystroke, no matter how many times it is pressed simultaneously. kind of.

Key substitution takes many different forms, all of which provide the maximum number of keys before the problem begins. The basic keyboard can provide 3 to 5 simultaneous keystrokes. NKRO (NKey Rollover) can provide more advanced products, which means that all keys on the board can be pressed and all keys will be registered. The

Ornata sits in the middle of this range and offers 10-key turns, more than enough for almost all typing and gaming scenarios.

Next is the wrist rest. Now, we are lucky to have tried many keyboards that provide this feature in the past, that is, this must be one of the best keyboards (at this price). The Razer

wrist rest offers excellent comfort, a smooth touch, and an easy-to-install (magnetic) mechanism. Razer etched a snake-shaped logo into the middle of the wrist rest and kept it completely black, just as you'd expect. The rest of the

itself feels very smooth, in most cases. The padding layer is not the thickest in the world, so if you press hard, you can feel the hard plastic underneath. However, this is just a small complaint, because it is usually very good.

Finally, we have the Synapse III package from Razer. Over the years, Synapse has been programmed to be not easy to use or versatile enough. Fortunately, Razer has accepted this criticism and now provides a better and more comprehensive package.

In addition to RGB customization, Synapse also provides many additional functions to make your peripherals more versatile. Users will be able to configure game modes, switch through the function buttons on the keyboard, and numerous configuration files designed for different games and scenes. Each key on the Ornata keyboard can be reassigned through Synapse software.

So we have discussed the layout and some features of this keyboard, now it's time for Ornata to complete its pace in a few real-world scenarios and see how it works.

Let's start with some games.

While testing the keyboard and mouse, I started playing my goto game CS: GO. This fast-paced shooting game requires the highest level of response and drive, making it a perfect test setup for keyboards. The first thing I noticed is the switch.

Therefore, as we discussed, Ornata comes with a proprietary membrane switch, which is a hybrid of membrane and mechanical technology. To my surprise, these changes feel very good in the game. I would even say that in terms of feel, it is 60% mechanical membrane to 40% membrane, which is a good balance between the two. They feel responsive and accurate. I’m not sure if this marketing term will disrupt my thought process, but the low-key keys do look like

Absolutely eye-catching.

We've played several MMO games since then, and the keyboard seems to stand the test. In these titles, you can choose to remap each key to ensure your own. I haven't really seen any key replacement features, but again, this isn't what you really notice on modern keyboards. Except for

games, I really like typing on this keyboard, to be honest. It feels really good, and I think a lot of this feeling can be attributed to the mid-rise key. The switch is also a clear advantage in this department, providing a quiet experience in most cases.

Overall, in terms of performance, I think the Ornata does a pretty good job. Razer seems to have forgotten all the irritation and overflow, spending more time focusing on important factors like performance and functionality.

At this point, we have concluded our comprehensive evaluation of the Razer Ornata Chroma. To be honest, I don't think I like this keyboard as much as I used to. I'm a bit skeptical of the membrane switch, not to mention the infamous build quality typically found on Razer peripherals.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by the surprise this keyboard brings. In addition to a fairly basic design, Razer has packed this keyboard with good features as well, which really helps set it apart from competing alternatives like the Corsair K55 and Razer's own Cynosa. The

wrist rest is one of the best wrist rest I have used, and Synapse is now in a position that I think is easy to use. Overall, this Razer performed very well.

If you are looking for a mid-range motherboard with plenty of features, adequate build quality, good gaming performance, and incredible RGB, then look no further. Razer Ornata Chroma is your escort. The

Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard is designed around two main functions: Razer's proprietary membrane switch and the ever-evolving RGB. The feel and appearance are great.

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