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Razer naga left handed mouse

Razer is known for its gaming peripherals, and has some excellent keyboards and mice in its arsenal. Although some people might argue that they are usually a bit too expensive, the brand at least produces products that meet decent standards and have excellent gaming features.

Today, we are studying the middle child of the Nari family to see what these wireless gaming headsets can provide compared to competitors at the same price. Unfortunately, the Razer Nari series is both fun and disappointing. I haven't tested the haptic technology on the more expensive Ultimate model, which sounds a bit fancy, but they are very similar in other respects. The

Razer Nari wireless gaming headset is one of Razer’s premium products, even the basic model costs a penny. Nari are bulky, but they still feel light when worn on the head, but unfortunately, they are not the most stable when worn.

Let us take a closer look at the Razer Nari gaming headset.

ear hook type

earphone frequency range

20 Hz-20 kHz

microphone frequency range

100 Hz-6.5 kHz



battery life

8 hours with Razer Chroma and HyperSense lighting/20 hours without casing


buy from Amazon


high quality structure

wireless 7.1 surround sound

excellent memory foam and comfortable foam 44h-Designed headband

Good application support and a lot of software needs to be modified



Very bulky

Lack of stability-head shaking

Razer's credit is that the setup is very simple, just insert the U disk and let Windows Work its magic. Oh, if you don’t know anything about earplugs (hint: it's in the right earplug), then good luck in finding the dongle. That's right, it has its own little memory card slot for easy storage, and once you know it's there, it's a great feature.

They are very easy to use, but have almost no charge, so you will want to immediately connect them to the included microUSB. I will also download the Razer Synapse software from Razer to take full advantage of this software, but you must record your details.

Inside the box, we see: The first thing you will notice when unpacking the

is that these ear muffs are very bulky. These are huge and some of them are the biggest I have tried, but it is a gaming headset so we can overcome this problem. Although they mostly use plastic constructions, they look great. The perforated grille and metal headband bring out the matte black plastic well, and the Razer logo on the earbuds looks as good as ever. The

ear muffs are round, like the Razer Krakens or Corsair Virtuosos, but have enough room for the ears. The ear muffs will shake slightly though, which is not a problem, especially when you wear them, but it seems strange that they are not locked in place like the HyperX Cloud Flight S.

headphones. They seem to have pinched the old SteelSeries headband design from Siberia V2, with a metal hairpin headband and a padded floating sponge underneath, which can be molded to any head. These look great, but Razer products often do, so let's take a closer look.

Overall, I have to say that the Razer Nari is a well-built gaming headset. They feel very sturdy and the dense plastic looks like it needs a few strokes. In this regard, they outperformed the Man O`War gaming headset and provide a similar build quality to the HyperX Cloud Flight S

headset to me. very common in gaming headsets. The only metal is in the headband, which is necessary for heavy, fragile headphones that hang freely on the sides. In any case, these feel very durable, but not as flexible as other models and feel very stiff. The

ear pads are detachable, which means that if they are damaged, you can easily replace them, which is always a good viewing feature. The outer layer of the ear pads is made of soft synthetic leather, and the material that touches the skin is a fine woven fabric, which is more durable than synthetic leather. The

microphone is retracted into the left earmuff like Razer Krakens or SteelSeries Arctis 7`s, and the commercial end is wrapped in subtle hard plastic. The microphone cord is a soft plastic, almost like rubber, very malleable and easy to place in the correct position. The microphone is easy to slide in and out, but when fully extended, the earpiece tends to move over your head, which means you must readjust the earpiece frequently. The

Nari headset has many hardware controls on the helmet, which are very convenient to place. On the right earbud, we only see the volume control. There is nothing to say about this wheel, it is very basic, has some grip, and stops at minimum and maximum volume. In addition to the controls, there is a memory card slot for the USB receiver at the bottom. Pressing this button like a button will release the USB dongle, and vice versa. This is a nice little feature for gamers with headsets.

On the left earphone, we can see the rest of the earpiece controls. There is a microphone mute button on the top, which will light up the LED ring on the microphone to indicate when it is turned on. Below is the volume control of the chat combo, which is not the best I have tried, but it is very easy to use and has a tactile notch

This is mainly due to the design of the headband. The earphones have thick padding and the self-adjusting headband works well.

These are by no means lightweight, in fact they are more than 100 grams heavier than HyperX's Cloud Flight S earplugs. These are even better than Sennheiser GSP 670, but they are more comfortable. Unfortunately, they are not stable on your head, unless you sit still at your desk, they will move and irritate you. The grip feels very good, but it does not stand still. Even if I extend the microphone, I must readjust the headset-a big negative effect. The

helmet uses a more durable fabric on the part that touches the head, which means you sweat less, but helmets generally heat up after a period of time because they are not as breathable as the Astro A50s. The inner wall is covered with a thin layer of fabric, but it feels uncomfortable at all, although it is not a big deal, because with these memory foam pads, my ears have never been close to the driver. There are some cooling gels injected into the cushions, they will make you feel cool when you wear them for the first time, but you will get used to it very quickly, it will only really cool the skin you are in contact with, not your ears .

The headband in contact with the head is mostly padded, with the brand's logo engraved on the top, which looks great. It looks like there are some wires going through this padding, and when you put it on your head it will automatically adjust whether you have a stone or a pea head. Headbands can distribute weight very effectively because they don't make the head feel heavy at all.

These are very fit and generally comfortable, but I can't forgive the stability, they need to be constantly readjusted which gets very annoying.

In general, these performances are bad, with the sole exception of electronic music. Other music is not particularly good, but I am more concerned about its performance in the game. Even with the EQ settings, I can't get them to the point where I can happily use them every day.

Don't get me wrong, there are some good elements, the audio is clear enough for the game, but I considered the price and the competing models, considering these, I can't really see the market position of the Razer Nari Thunder Snake Headphones. The

works out of the box. The first thing I tried was to play electronic music. It was very good. The equalizer in the software just improved my listening experience. I hardly knew my happiness would end there, and I was a bit disappointed that the headphones couldn't make up for their poor stability. The sealing is quite good though, they passively block out some noises in the surrounding environment, although not as much as the HyperX Cloud Flight S.

headphones. Bass is good at times, but accuracy will vary from audio to audio. Similarly, for electronic music, it is correct and the bass booster in the software works fine. I was expecting the bass to perform well in the game, with grumbling and explosions in the distance, but it's a bit bland, if something confuses other sound details and destroys the sense of immersion. The

midrange bass is good, but again, I can't really hear the vocals on the track I want, and the small instrument faults are messy at best, everything just sounds a little weak. The

stereo image is very good, which is correct, because this is a gaming brand headset. Testing them in CS: GO shows some potential, albeit too expensive. He can accurately hear the enemy's walking or shooting at any time, so if he receives them for free, he will be happy to use them for competitive games.

The sound field of a pair of closed headphones is good, but not exciting. These are average at best.

Razer Nari's unidirectional cantilever microphone is perfect for gaming, but there is nothing else. My voice is always very clear and my colleagues responded without problems during the test. You may need to manipulate the software to improve it, but the inventory is fine. There is no bass in my voice, everything sounds compressed and nasal. The

mic can handle noisy environments well, eliminates most of the sound from my keyboard, and I don't have to change the noise gate. That being said, you don't want to bring it to events like LAN, because it's not designed to handle this kind of noise.

Overall, the mic loses out of the competition as in many other areas of this headset. The SteelSeries Arctis 7's microphone is much better, and even Cloud Flight S is slightly better in some respects. The quality of the mic reminds me of the cheap Corsair HS70 I tested not too long ago, which is good but not great. These

lack the brightness we hear from Sennheiser's Game Ones or Corsair Virtusoso headphones, but the mic is enough for gaming. The

headset may not have the Hypersense technology we saw on the Ultimate model, but it still has enough to go on. The best feature of the headset is actually the headband, which fits almost any head size. If they bring this design to a new headset that does not fall off when sneezing, Razer may be a winner. It’s worth noting that both earbuds of this headset have RGB lighting effects, but you should probably turn them off to extend battery life; but it looks cool.

This wireless pair works over a 2.4 GHz low-latency connection with

Multiple platforms, but the dongle is only available for PC and PS4, unless you buy a specific Xbox model. You can use 3.5mm jacks to use them with your Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or mobile device.

When you turn off the Chroma lighting, the battery life of this model is up to 20 hours, and if you keep these lights at maximum volume, it will only be 14 hours. However, 14 hours is not bad, and you can use them for a few days before you have to charge them. The headset also works well in wired mode, so you can continue to use them while charging via the microUSB cable.

Although registration is required, which can be a bit annoying, the app’s support for headsets is excellent. You can synchronize all the usual lights, change effects and colors, but more importantly, there are some good choices for real audio. The graphic equalizer is very easy to use, with numbered steps, so you can precisely match the range. If you don’t have a preferred setting you want to use, you can also take advantage of the preset options.

can also activate THX spatial perception, although I always stick to stereo. The surround sound is as good as expected, okay, but it didn't really increase my gaming experience. Maybe I didn't play the correct movie game and I was always happy to see the extra features, but the 360-degree sound was wasted on me.

Despite the size and weight of Razer Nari wireless headphones, they are surprisingly comfortable. The cushioning feels high-quality, fits your ears, and prevents hitting the inner wall of the drive. The headband design is intuitive and works well, ensuring that they fit all types of head shapes, but the lack of stability means that they always need to be slightly adjusted whenever the microphone is moved or even when the microphone is fully extended.

I'm a little disappointed with the price I have higher expectations for this product When you consider the comfort of the similarly priced SteelSeries Arctis 7 or HyperX Cloud Flight S models, the alarm bells start to ring. To make matters worse, I don't think this sound quality is close to Arctis 7, and it sounds a bit worse than Cloud Flight games.

If for any reason competitive models are uncomfortable for you and you have no choice at this price, you can give these a try, but I can't recommend them. The only significant Razer Nari is the $ 200 version with haptic technology, but it's very niche and has a lot of mixed reviews. To be honest, I would avoid the Razer Nari headphones entirely, but there are better options.

ear hook type

earphone frequency range

20 Hz-20 kHz

microphone frequency range

100 Hz-6.5 kHz



Battery life

8 hours with Razer Chroma and HyperSense lighting/20 hours without casing


Buy on Amazon

Razer Nari wireless gaming headset is large and bulky, but durable. This has spatial perception of surround sound and great comfort, but the stability is poor.

Razer Nari Wireless 7.1

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