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Razer mamba wireless review

Today, left-handed gaming mice are a bit rare. Left-handed gamers generally have to use a "standard" mouse and thus important functions such as button mapping are lost.

Razer is one of the few companies that makes a dedicated left hand mouse for gamers. Given that Naga Trinity has become a popular option once it launches, it's a shame once retailers stop stocking.

can understand why left-handed mice are not so common, Razer has pointed out in the past that this is an "expensive adventure". Razer co-founder MinLiang Tan posted an interesting post on Facebook. He said: "In the last six years, we have shipped thousands of left-handed mice; from the right perspective, we ship roughly the same number of right-handed mice ... in one day."

After hearing feedback from customers and how much the lives of some left-handed mouse gamers have improved, Razer will once again produce left-handed mice. The new

device called-Razer Naga: LeftHanded Edition is not ready for release, but Razer always requires anyone interested in the device to pre-register. This will give you a better understanding of the needs of the mouse.

This is not only good news for left-handed gamers,

people with disabilities will also benefit greatly from this mouse. Since there are few options available, this does help narrow the market gap. According to Razer, the device is currently in the QA stage and "was committed to launch in 2020." The exact release date is yet to be known, but we can't wait to see it.

Are you interested in this product? You must notify Razer! The more people show up, the more likely we are to see continued deliverance.

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