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Razer mamba elite wired mouse review

Razer Mamba Wireless-No strings attached. Unstoppable.

Razer launched a revised version of the Mamba wireless mouse in 2018. The new version really looks and feels like an upgraded version. Razer removed the old RGB lighting effects on the side, but retained the logo and scroll wheel to save battery life. The previous version of Mamba will provide players with approximately 20 hours of play time, while the 2018 model will provide them with 50 hours! The previous version had a laser sensor and a charging dock. The reviewed model has a 5g optical sensor and a simple USB charging cable. This mouse is very similar in appearance and size to the Deathadder, with its smooth round plastic top supported by slightly different rubber grips on the sides.

Fortunately, I often use the Razer Deathadder, so moving to this mouse is effortless. The ergonomic shape of the mouse fits my right hand very well, and it fits the palm or claw grip like the Deathadder. The rubberized side handles are well thought out and provide excellent stability. The revised version of the Mamba is very light at 106 grams, basically the same as the corded Deathadder Elite (105 grams). This 2018 model is 20 grams lighter than the previous version, which is great considering the battery life and the performance of the PMW3389 sensor. If you are thinking of "cutting the power cord" and using a wireless network, the Razer Mamba is one of them. We like what this lite version brings, its price is very reasonable, around 80 GBP / 80 USD.




PMW3389 (optical)


106 g


Medium (125 x 70 x 43 mm)

Battery life

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Excellent ergonomic design

50 hours battery


Reasonable price


Occasional tilt and bumps Will cause unnecessary cursor movement

Need to charge

No surprise, the Razer case looks very stylish, with a classic vibrant black and green scheme. In the box, you will receive a standard manual/warranty and a short letter from the manufacturer. You can also get a braided charging cable that fits perfectly with the mouse, allowing you to continue playing games while the mouse is charging. There is also a small full-size microUSB to USB TypeA adapter for placing the mouse receiver on the desktop instead of on the machine.

Mouse Statistics

If Razer achieves one thing with this mouse, it is design. They managed to reduce the weight of the mouse to a reasonable 106 grams. This is very impressive for a wireless mouse, which is 20 grams lighter than the previous version. Compared with other mice, the body weight of Mambas is roughly in the middle position. The Logitech pro somehow weighs only 80 grams, while the SteelSeries Rival 650 weighs 121 grams. Think of Kevin Hart and Mike Tyson. With a lightweight mouse like G Pro Wireless, you can hardly see that you are using a mouse. With Mamba, you will get a mouse that is not too heavy, but you can still feel it while you play. I like to know that I slide the mouse over the surface, and its weight combined with ergonomics produces excellent results. Mamba is a medium-sized mouse that can be held well with a large hand. It is designed for right-handed gamers and is very suitable for palm grips, but it also supports claw grips. The Razer Mamba

has two thumb buttons located above the thumb grip. They are as resistant as the rest of the mouse and very useful. There are two buttons on the top of the mouse, located behind the scroll wheel. The function of these buttons is to quickly change the DPI settings to a preset that you can change in the Razer Synapse software. The scroll wheel is different from the previous version of Mamba because they canceled the side-click scroll wheel and kept it as a standard in-game touch wheel. Like the previous Mamba, this Mamba has a button on the bottom near the power switch that allows you to change the configuration file. Also, the configuration file can be changed in the Razers software according to your specifications. Finally, one of the cool little features that we like about this mouse is the small storage compartment at the bottom. This small area is used to store the USB key that is used to connect the mouse to the PC. This is very useful when you have to carry the mouse on the move. The

Mamba's ergonomic design is as good to me as Deathadder. It feels a bit shorter than the Deathadder, but is thicker on the sides and sits perfectly in my palm. Of course, as I mentioned before, it is only suitable for right-handed gamers and has the same plastic as other Razer mice. It seems to handle sweat well and quickly evaporates any residue even in the case of extra sweating clutches. A pair of Razer mice now includes new rubber grips on the sides that are a nice addition. The rubber handle is essential for heavier mice, making this mouse "grip", compared with previous Razer mice, really limit any accidental slippage to almost no.

It is worth mentioning that Mamba comes with a suitable charging cable (micro USB), and it is the only cable that can charge the product. It comes with a mini desktop USB hub, so you can choose to place the mouse receiver close to the mouse. The

Wireless Mamba has a true 16,000 DPI sensor, which is the 5g optical sensor (PMW3389) used in most Razer mice. Tried this on CSGO and was amazed at its performance. It won't take long to get used to, the mouse

Preset. There are 5 preset DPI settings, and each "DPI stage" can be customized together with the polling rate. You can use the function buttons on the top of the mouse to quickly change these custom DPI settings. The

mouse uses the Razer mechanical switch they developed jointly with Omron and claims that you can get up to 50 million clicks. Unfortunately, we can’t test it. These switches are durable, and cooperation with Razer makes the switches more than 2 times more durable than previous versions. The mouse polling rate is set to 1000 Hz by default, but it can be changed to the default values of 125 Hz and 500 Hz in the software. The lift distance (LOD) of Mamba is 1 mm, so it will translate each mouse movement accurately.

I used Mamba for about 8 hours a day last week, and I really like it as the main mouse in the office. It can slide on any surface with minimal friction, and it can even work without a mouse pad, just on my desktop. I tested it on some FPS games (such as CSGO and Insurgency) and it worked flawlessly. I found it easy to move accurately, and the mouse gave me a lot of confidence when tracking the head in the game. A high-quality sensor largely determines excellent performance, and it gives me a headache which mouse I really want to use every day. Cables are a thing of the past, and this mouse is as good as a cable. I have been playing with it until it reached around 5%, after which I did notice a slight delay, but as long as you continue to load, you will never encounter any problems.

Razer claims that it will last 50 hours, but if you play this every day, I'm not sure. However, you can change the RGB settings and sleep timer in the mouse software to provide you with extra game time and possibly help you last until the weekend.

Wireless Mamba uses the intuitive Razer Synapse software, which has become easier to use and more reliable in recent years. If you have already installed Razer Synapse for another device, it will immediately recognize and install any new Razer devices for you. With this software, you can check for updates and customize the mouse according to your specifications. You can also let the software automatically update the device driver for you.

Considering that I am an avid Deathadder user, I am not surprised that he really likes to use the wireless Razer Mamba. This is mainly due to their similarity in weight and size, so this is really a match made in heaven. The price of this mouse is about 80 pounds / 80 US dollars. It is a competitive price and can be regarded as a viable alternative to other high-end wireless mice on the market. It just depends on preferences and what you want from the wireless gaming experience. If you can take the responsibility of ensuring that the mouse is fully charged, please consider Mamba's wireless connection. Keep in mind that this revision is optimized to provide longer playback time than most other wireless mice. With excellent ergonomics and build quality in mind, you win. Personally, I have never had a problem with the Razer and this mouse is no different. I would recommend this game to any FPS gamer who likes a medium size mouse + to get rid of wired and wireless networks!

Yes, the Razer Mamba mouse has Razer Chroma RGB. If you like RGB lighting, this is good news. This RGB is great, it has a lot of lighting effects.

Some of the lighting effects include spectrum, breathing, static, reaction, waves, ripples, and flame cycles. They all provide different RGB lighting to better meet your personal preferences. All options are interesting and bright. Because there are so many options, it takes a long time for users to get bored!

In addition to the lighting options of these configurations, you can also choose to create your own lighting effects. With Chroma Connect, you can connect Razer Mamba’s lights to games and built-in applications.

Yes, the Razer Mamba can be charged wirelessly. Especially when it comes to this mouse, it has a wide range of uses. In fact, you can charge it in two different ways.

The Razer Mamba's first charging method is wireless charging. To do this, you just need to place the mouse on the wireless charging base. After the charging base is turned on, it will charge wirelessly.

Charging the mouse wirelessly is helpful because it eliminates the need for cables that clutter the desk. However, if you don’t want to charge the mouse wirelessly, you can also use the data cable to charge it.

Although this means that the cable may interfere with your settings, it also means that you can still use the mouse while charging. If you charge wirelessly, you will not be able to do this. The Razer Mamba

has the advantage that it can connect to your PC wirelessly. If you don't like messy settings and want to move your mouse freely without restrictions, this is a good option. The Razer Mamba

connects to your PC wirelessly via a wireless USB adapter and receiver. To connect it, you just need to plug it into the tower's USB port. It is easy to configure and especially useful. The

wireless receiver is located on the bottom of the Razer Mamba mouse, which is easy to install and locate. After it is published

The destroyer of gaming PCs. You must ensure that the software and components used are suitable for FPS.

Razer Mamba Elite is especially suitable for FPS. It is one of the best gaming mice on the market. The connection speed is very fast and the mouse moves quickly and easily.

You don't need to worry about lag, it will move even with the smallest movements. This is what you need to pay attention to when choosing a gaming mouse. In addition to the

, it has low latency and is also a very light mouse. This is important because it allows you to make quick and smooth movements. The Razer Mamba Elite Mouse is a mouse that can enhance your overall gaming experience, without hampering your development.

When it comes to whether Razer Mamba is better than DeathAdder, it ultimately depends on personal preference. For most gaming mice, the obvious winner. However, for different reasons, both are good choices.

From the general specifications, they are all large in size. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and responsive. Since they were all created by Razer, you know that value for money will not be an issue.

Although the DeathAdder is slightly lighter to hold, the difference is very small and this can only be noticed when testing two mice at the same time. They all have similar designs and low click latency, which is great for gaming.

Overall, the Razer Mamba price is a bit more expensive than DeathAdder, but the price difference is small. They are very suitable for FPS, but many people prefer DeathAdder.

Drag and click is not necessary for games, but it can be particularly useful. If you're not sure what a drag click is, it's actually where you violently drag your finger over the mouse button. This will allow the mouse to click faster.

Drag and Click is well suited for games that require multiple clicks, such as mining in Minecraft. Roblox and Clicker Heroes also benefit from the ability to drag and click with the mouse.

Unfortunately, Razer Mamba does not allow you to drag and click, which sounds disappointing. However, this should not discourage you. Although Razer Mamba cannot do this, it is still a responsive mouse. For this reason, you can still click quickly and efficiently.

As we have already introduced, it is very important to ensure that your PC and its components can provide good FPS. Without a good FPS, your game will be limited and will not be as successful as it should be.

Speaking of Razer mice, they are usually very suitable for FPS. When looking at Mamba Wireless, it is no exception. This is an excellent FPS mouse, definitely worth considering. In addition to the

, it is a lightweight mouse that can be easily moved without lagging behind. The CPI range can be widely adjusted and the mouse feels good. Therefore, your game will be very fast.

Since this is a wireless mouse, excellent FPS is a good match, save for worrying about cables, and provides a perfect gaming experience.




PMW3389 (optical)


106 g


medium (125 × 70 × 43 mm)

battery life

50 hours



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Mamba Cobra Wireless is an excellent mouse for games with sensor PMW3389 and weighs 103 grams.

Razer Mamba Wireless

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