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Razer launches work friendly productivity suite peripheral line up

Widely conceivable as underdog to Levereder, Mamba Elite, with a new ergonomic design and optical sensors, will begin to hire neighbors, therefore, neighbors. We sat with Razers Mamba Elite and placed it through the Active WEPC test. Elite, designed for users of players and everyday users, has a notorious DPI sensor of 5G 16000 for which he likes to explain as a new precision and standard speed. It has a high resolution accuracy to help you stay at the beginning of the field when you get to the battle of your intense game battle, to help you stay at the beginning of the field. It is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use in the situation. It has a wonderful RAGB configuration of Razer that houses 20 lighting zones and more than 16 million customizable light adjustments. The memory on board and storage in the cloud allow users to link, assign macros and automatically save user profiles to access any PC. Place the elite through the rhythm and check if you are standing at the favorite deathadadder elite.

HARDCORE GAME BRAIN SMOOTH Design and Elegant, this mouse is for all situations. Of course, many people are only interested in the world of the game, and it is safe to say that this mouse is superior to several platforms. The ergonomics that eliminates the great weight, the pulling points of the fingers for the FPS games and the reduction of the general tension of the hand is two features that I am really grateful. Now I am using most mice in the Razer range, and I certainly took a task when I try to break the way to the game space.



Size and weight mouse

Mouse Tech

Razer Mamba Elite Neoanglean Find an elegant classic matte black box. When it was opened, the mouse mouse finds a mouse in a protected plastic housing, and the cable is cleaned with clean rubber plugs. The potential value is a 2.1-meter length cable tied to a small package, approximately 3 inches by loop, that is, if the entrance of the box, the "Kink" cable remains. But this is still a bit of compensation in my opinion. Of course, you will find your welcome note, a rich user manual and two Razer stickers.

We obtain:

, without winning, I am a great Razer design fan, and Mamber Elite is still short and can not be satisfied with my needs for comfortable comfort. He is a great player, looking at a mouse designed with this in mind, and Mamba made a wonderful environment for this. 96g, sitting at 96 g, this mouse is the same weight identical to its neighbors, with a perfect balance between light, fast movement and constant precision. Mamba Elite is a medium-sized mouse that fits perfectly on my own hand, but it is presented to both small users and large users, but has designed this with a wide range of users. Improving the ergonomics and conditions of the avant-garde side handle will allow MAMBER Elite to allow a seamless and unstable game time. Razer Engineers has designed this mouse with his palm and finger stress in mind and created a mouse that boasts completely eliminating the drag points from his fingers. Impressive. The

Razer Mick has never been very well since the classic appearance he finds through the blackboard, and the mamba is not different. But there are several complex differences that you want to point out. The texture is a classic nostalgic finish with two newly designed side pads, eliminating comfort, and thermal heat eliminates user errors. For me, the pillow offers a grip, but FPS games have actively changed and accelerated movements, and for me, I thank you more stable. Personally, I have no tendency to hold the mouse, but he's struggling to sit under my hand and create a lot of friction for my own player. Mamba has a soft finish, and after use for a few hours, hand swebten can cause some users to cause some users. As described above, the designer embraced both sides of the mouse button and creates a grip that is perfect by hand. It is said that Mumma is still a wonderful mouse. She will find two grills on each side of the tactical cable 2.1m, but my aesthetic sense. She is a great mouse in general, but personally I had some fine adjustment surrounding the grip on the current side.

MAMBER Designer with a player with a player with this mouse with this mouse with nine kindable mouse buttons that can be all customizable through the Razer Synapse 3 Software. All buttons are created with a sophisticated finish, and both buttons are not too pronounced. The two side buttons are in the position to facilitate use in the game. I love the binding command to your mouse, and after some games, I was very satisfied with positioning and ease. However, if the mouse wheel is worth it, it is worth getting the mouse wheel. This can be used for union commands.

This mouse has an overall development skull switch that occupies a life in more than 500 million clicks. This is very durable to agree. The main buttons are very easy to use, and the resistance does not change much depending on your finger. Ns

The left and right buttons have a concave design to make you more comfortable and stable when playing games when you focus on the tense moments that are absolutely crucial. The buttons of mouse 1 and mouse 2 are designed to be integrated with the mouse shell. After discussion, all parties are unwilling. However, I think it gives the mouse a better appearance. The

cable is once again a standard braided cable with excellent durability, and when combined with a flexible Razer mouse, it can create a near-wireless feel. We have tested the Mamba Elite with and without bungee jumping. For most people, the cable is not completely unusable, but it does become a problem. It's an extremely lightweight cable though, so your mouse won't be blocked by it, but you'll definitely notice it's there. Or, if wireless is more of a good time for you, I highly recommend checking out our Mamba Wireless review.

Pro Tip: Go bungee jumping.

is primarily an FPS gamer and a huge Deathadder and Basilisk fan. It can be safely said that using Mamba Elite is a great experience. First of all, we have to talk about design. Razer engineers classify the design optimization as advanced ergonomics, which means the most natural position of the hand regardless of the type of grip. In short, no matter the size/shape/holding power of your hand, this mouse will make you feel extremely comfortable. It feels very natural when held in the hand and can achieve very accurate tracking in any long-term FPS situation. When practicing very aggressive moves, I did not encounter lag and very precise cross positioning, which is ideal for games such as CSGO. It is worth mentioning that such an excellent design makes daily tasks very enjoyable. Unlike other mice in the Razer series, the ME does not have a clutch button, but with its perfectly positioned side buttons, you can easily associate sensitivity changes with these buttons. All in all, this mouse performed very well in all of our rigorous tests and achieved very similar results to the Deathadder Elite. As we all know, the Deathadder Elite is considered one of the best products. All

products in the current Razer series are built to the highest level of technology and software available, so it's an understatement to say that anything other than the sensor is excellent. You'll notice that Mamba Elite has dropped the laser sensor and chose its acclaimed 5G optical sensor with a true 16,000 DPI to improve reliability, accuracy, and speed. However, I cannot find a situation where the full 16000 DPI can be used. The main switch is the jointly developed Omron switch with a lifespan of more than 50 million clicks. Considering that many Razer series have only 1.02 billion clicks, this is very impressive. The two main buttons are designed with concave surfaces to enhance comfort, style and ease of use, a feature that I have always championed. In the past, the main mouse buttons attached to the case reduced click life and the overall level of palm friction, but with current technology and information from Omron, this is certainly not the case. Like DE,

Mamba Elite is pre-programmed at 800 DPI level, which is convenient because it is the most popular setting for gamers on average. However, if you want full customization, you need to download and install the latest version of Synapse 3 from Razer, which gives you full control over your mouse settings. For many years, Synapse has been considered not as easy to use as it should be, but in today's marketplace, you will find a better software package to use. The driver can be updated automatically through the software.

Sit back and wear the Mamba Elite for almost a week and try it out at the speed of very active gamers. I can say with certainty that this fits into Razer's elusive list of the best gaming mice. As the shadow of the mighty Deathadder Elite grows larger and larger, it is always difficult to create something similar but different and have your own unique audience, but I think the engineers at Razer have already done that. This is an excellent mouse that has stood up to all of WePC's tests, when it's something that can be used in combat and is easy to use on a daily basis, it will definitely be at the top of the recommended list. In the final analysis, the most important feature of this mouse is its ergonomic design, which creates a "one-piece" feel for the mouse. As we all know, practice makes perfect. With Mamba Elite, you can really work for hours with minimal stress.

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