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Razer iskur gaming chair

Incredible technology will be showcased at the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show. Fans of PC games, display technology and even virtual reality will enjoy the exciting and innovative products launched by some of today's technology giants. Razer even used this event as an opportunity to showcase Razer Kishi, and we think mobile gamers will be very excited about this.

Razer Kishi is a solution to the lack of a comfortable controller designed for mobile gaming. Kishi is very similar in design to Nintendo's JoyCons and can be used with iOS and Android devices and any game-compatible controllers that gamers may install on their phones. In terms of

specifications, Kishi is equipped with a USBC connection and the ability to connect via Apple Lightning (you can also expect to include a pass-through charging function). Kishi is also preparing to support low latency games on Android and iOS devices, ensuring engaging and competitive gameplay right out of the box.

From a usability point of view, Kishi is equipped with two clickable joysticks, as well as side buttons, dpad, and four action buttons, as gamers are used to finding on traditional controllers. Kishi can be connected to either side of the game player's mobile phone, or (like JoyCon), connected together to form a traditional controller form, and is not affected by the mobile phone itself.

So what can players expect from playing with Kishi? Well, with the popularity of mobile games like "Call of Duty: Mobile" and "Fortnite", now games like this can provide the best support and practical use (also, Kishi can make you better than other players with more advantages).

But what about the future? Razer undoubtedly designed Kishi with an important gaming function in mind: game streaming.

Sony has provided game streaming services for its players, and Microsoft is currently developing its own streaming services for Xbox gamers to use in the future. Both companies appear to have invested a lot of money in this technology and each expressed an interest in the development and long-term investment of game streaming.

What does this opposing player mean? You can basically expect to be able to play console-level AAA games on your phone. Now, thanks to Razer Kishi, you will have a controller that you can play at any time. The

Razer Kishi has no price tag yet, but we are very happy to see the controller's role in streaming services such as Xbox Cloud, PSNow and GeForce Cloud. Looking for more CES 2020 news? Be sure to visit our CES 2020 homepage, where our team will release all the latest showroom updates.

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