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Razer blade stealth 13 ultrabook

The Razer Cynosa Chroma is an entry-level keyboard that provides some excellent game-oriented features, but it is mostly lacking in the performance area.

has tested many of Razer’s premium keyboards and mice, and we think it’s time for their cheaper products to pass the same rigorous testing process. So, with this in mind, today we will introduce Razer Cynosa Chroma, a low-cost, eye-catching RGB pattern gaming keyboard included in a set of very competitive and similarly priced alternatives.

Cynosa is a shelf percussion keyboard that offers a variety of excellent RGB options, good build quality and fully programmable keys. However, it is an inexpensive product, which means that the functions are very limited. It is not equipped with a mechanical switch and no dedicated media keys. So it will be very interesting to see how this compares to Corsair's K55, HyperX's Alloy Core RGB and Redragon K552.

So, with all of this in mind, let us stop wasting time and delve into it.



Like all Razer products, Cynosa maintains the same green and black theme. The box is very versatile, displaying Cynosa Chroma in full RGB mode on the front. More detailed information about the keyboard, including size and weight, as well as additional information about functions, is provided on the back. Inside the

we get:

Razer's Cynosa doesn't really offer anything new when comparing its design to other models in the Razer keyboard series. However, this is the keyboard sold around its RGB. So when Razer releases this nearly designless model, it's not the end of the world, as long as RGB can live up to its name.

With this in mind, Cynosa Chroma appears on the desktop with an all black color theme and a mostly square design. The main body of the keyboard is made entirely of plastic (which we would expect in this price range) with a subtle matte roughness to provide additional grip during gaming and typing. Cynosa has shed even more and has now almost lost all of the Razer branding, except for the little RGB logo at the bottom of the keyboard. The bottom of the

Razer Cynosa also offers few features in terms of design. There are also no cable routing or audio / USB passthrough options. However, it does provide four rubber pads to help hold the keyboard on most surfaces and two pop-up feet that can be used to adjust the height of the keyboard. There are two height settings for the feet, which are higher than HyperX Alloy Core RGB and can raise the back of the keyboard. Although the cable is not braided, it is 2 meters long and feels very strong and wear-free.

In general, the layout is very basic, there is nothing to say until you turn on RGB. Now, we will discuss RGB in more detail below, but from a design point of view, this is definitely the advantage of this keyboard. The almost endless list of customizable options contrasts sharply with the black keys, creating a delightful gaming aesthetic. We will not go into details now, but you should know that the RGB that comes with Cynosa Chroma is the best of the budget keyboards.

Razer has always been known for packing as many functions as possible into its peripherals, whether it's a high-end keyboard or a cheap mouse. Fortunately, they used the same ideology here as Cynosa Chroma. Given that this is a keyboard that costs less than $50, we would like to know what this keyboard has besides RGB.

So, let's go straight into it.

Let's start with the most important aspect of any keyboard when discussing games: switches. Unfortunately, Razer Cynosa does not use mechanical switches. Yes, in the case of Cynosa Chroma, users will enjoy the quiet and soft feeling of the membrane rubber dome switch. Oh, Joey. Razer refers to its specific brand of membrane switches as "soft keys with gaming-grade performance", but we will accept it without hesitation. The

switch on Cynosa is almost what you would expect at this price. They are membrane switches, and like most switches of this type, they feel very spongy in most cases. That being said, they provide a welcome slight tactile advantage. When comparing the Cynosa switch with the Alloy Core RGB switch (from HyperX), there is not much difference between the two. If I have to criticize, I would say that Razer may provide a slightly heavier driving point. However, in general, they are very versatile in design and feel. The most positive point about

is that Cynosa has the ability to resist splashes, thanks to the membrane design it uses. Unlike HyperX Alloy Core, which can effectively handle 120ml of spilled liquid, Razer's survivability limit has not been announced on its product page. I tried pouring some water on the keyboard and it seemed to work fine afterwards. So yes, waterproof.

RGB lighting is an area that Razer has developed in recent years, providing some of the best RGB lighting peripherals the market has to offer. So, with this in mind, we naturally hope that keyboards named after proprietary RGB technology will provide greater success. Fortunately, we were not disappointed. Although

Cynosa is an inexpensive keyboard, it offers excellent RGB, which is better than almost any product in its price range. Most keyboards in this price range provide a specific RGB area on the keyboard, usually around 58 vertically or horizontally. However, in Cynosa,

Equipped with a large number of presets to choose from. Whether you're looking for a universal color cycle or something more complex like the domino effect, you'll be happy to know that this keyboard's RGB offers it all.

Unfortunately, this keyboard is not equipped with multimedia keys. Again, the more expensive BlackWidow doesn't beat this in most areas, so this isn't surprising. However, it does come with convenient hotkeys to make Cynosa more versatile. Hot keys are basically multimedia keys, but they need to activate a function button to work. The user will find an FN button to the right of the space bar. When this button is pressed, all related media keys will light up and all other keys will be obscured. To be honest, this is a great feature, and although these are not the right media keys, they may be the best choice.

Like many modern keyboards, Cynosa is equipped with anti-ghost keys and key rollover functions, which are key features in certain game scenarios. Keyboard ghosting is the name of an unregistered keystroke that occurs when multiple keyboard keys are pressed at the same time. To prevent this from happening, keyboard manufacturers implemented key replacement technology on their motherboards. This technology allows the keyboard to read and record every key pressed, no matter how many keys are pressed at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that there are many different changes in key replacement, ranging from 2 keys to each key. On this motherboard, Razer is equipped with a 10-key rollover, which means that 10 keys can be pressed at the same time, and all these keys will be registered. So it is enough for most game scenarios.

Finally, we have the Synapse III software utility. Now, although this is a software package that can be used with other Razer peripherals, it is worth mentioning the versatility and customization it provides for this keyboard. In recent years, Synapse has made considerable progress. Every time we check the software, it seems to get better. This time, it feels almost easy to use!

In most cases, consumers use Synapse III to configure their RGB settings. However, it provides much more than that. In Synapse, users will be able to create custom profiles for certain scenarios, be it video editing or gaming, program each button on the keyboard according to their specific needs, and link all peripheral devices together, yes, it is used for RGB purposes.

As mentioned above, the great thing about Cynosa is that Razer allows users to remap all the keys on the board. When it comes to gaming scenarios, this effectively provides users with more versatility. Unfortunately, this keyboard does not provide on-board memory, so you will not be able to save configuration files for immediate use.

Finally, we come to the most important part of the review process, manual testing. In this section, we will benchmark Razer Cynosa to understand how it compares with build quality and many game scenarios.

So, let's go straight into it.

I am the kind of person who plays a lot of competitive sports games, think about CS: GO. Therefore, when I choose a peripheral device, it must be of the highest quality, providing excellent responsiveness, accuracy, build quality, and overall feel. So when I replaced my Ducky Miya Sakura with the Razer Cynosa Chroma (a keyboard specifically designed for gamers who like RGB over precision), I wasn't very happy, to say the least. However, for the purpose of this review, I will maintain a strict and unbiased opinion to a large extent.

As always, I started playing my favorite fast-paced first-person shooter game - CS: GO. It didn't take long for me to conclude that these switches have no mechanical significance, obviously. However, when considering other similarly priced membrane keyboards, how fair are they? Well, I must reiterate what I said earlier in the article, if I was completely honest, the switch would not feel better. They are very soft and have almost no tactile response. In addition, the drive pressure required to activate each keystroke feels very high, and the response speed is not fast enough. I have played with this keyboard for a few days, and the feeling of disappointment will only increase over time. annoying.

Soon after CS: GO, we asked Cynosa to try some MMO games. Nowadays, gamers who like MMO-style games usually look for keyboards equipped with macro keys, such as Corsair K55. Unfortunately, this keyboard is not that easy, which means we don't have a good start. I played World of Warcraft for a long time, and I had no impression of how the board felt. Fortunately, Razer has ensured that this keyboard is equipped with the new HyperShift feature, allowing users to effectively double the number of keys available on their board. So, this is a great advantage. Except for

games, I had a great time, because this keyboard seems to have countless RGB options available. Now I understand why they named Cynosa Chroma.

I tried a few different presets first. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by the result. You'll have access to a variety of different settings, from color cycling and smooth gradient changes, to starlight-reactive RGB and ripple effects, which will send shock waves through your circuit board every time you press. a key. After testing the presets, I dipped my toes into the ocean of Chrome Studio to see what it offered. There are many short answers. 4,444 users will be able to customize almost all the keys on their board in the Chroma Studio package. The keyboard is divided into a grid and each part of the grid has a different key. Just select the key you want to change and use

On the one hand, this is really not the best for games that require fast response or complex key bindings. On the other hand, it is very quiet and one of the best RGB output of any keyboard in this price range.

Having said this, we finally turned to the judgment part of this article. This is our final impression of Razer Cynosa, because we answered some major questions that may surround it: Is it worth buying?

In the end, the Razer Cynosa Chroma you see is a basic keyboard that can do simpler things well. It provides excellent RGB, some good features for gamers, and in most cases it has a very good aesthetic.

Having said that, this is a gamer keyboard, from a gaming point of view I think it's a bit flat. Membrane switches aren't the best in either range, and the lack of macro keys means it performs poorly on the MMO market, too.

Compared to other similarly priced keyboards, I would say this is a very suitable keyboard for novice gamers. It appears on the dining room table at a very affordable price, while also providing great aesthetics and some cool features. However, if you are the one who prioritizes response, precision, and build quality, I suggest you go for something more high-end. The Razer Cynosa Chroma

is an entry-level keyboard that provides some cool gaming-oriented features, but lacks performance in most cases.

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