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Razer blade amd laptop

CES 2020 is now progressing smoothly and Razer has performed very well in gaming for PC and mobile devices. Razer is trying to get the attention of gamers by releasing Razer Kishi (mobile cloud gaming controller) and Razer Tomahawk gaming desktops. Another Razer showcase that caught WePC's attention was an update to the popular Razer Blade 15 laptop.

Blade 15 will release a new and improved 300Hz refresh rate! By anyone's standards, this is fast, but for laptops, it's great news. For some time now, gaming laptops have supported a higher refresh rate, but the Razer Blade already supports a 240Hz refresh rate, making this update surprising, but a welcome update. ASUS took the lead in launching a 300Hz version of ROG Zephyrus laptop last year, but it is very happy to see the increasing competition. The

higher refresh rate can provide gamers with a smooth and responsive experience, and usually has a slight advantage in the field of competitive games. In order to ensure that gamers take full advantage of this feature, the graphics card must have good performance, so Razer’s laptop comes with options ranging from RTX 2060 to RTX 2080 is a huge advantage. Since Razer is working with Intel to create them, it is not surprising that the powerful 10th-generation Intel H-series processors are at the helm.

An important topic about the blade is its design. Unlike Alienware’s A51 laptop, the Razer Blade looks and feels like a simple high-end laptop, and it doesn’t look out of place at Starbucks. However, according to the specifications we see here, the original gaming potential is hidden beneath the surface.

The new Razer Blade 15 looks set to be released in the next six months, and we are eager to see it add to Razer’s already excellent lineup of gaming laptops.

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