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Razer blackwidow te chroma v2 half price on amazon

Razer’s BlackWidow may be a fan’s favorite and cheaper alternative, but don’t let it fool you. This is still a very accurate and responsive keyboard, and many correct boxes can be checked. The Razer

has a good reputation in the peripherals field because it has a rich library of gaming peripherals, including keyboards, mice, headsets, and almost every other peripheral you can think of in PC gaming.

Today, we will take a closer look at one of their advanced keyboard products, Razer BlackWidow (2019). It is the latest product of the Razer family, no matter for any intent and purpose, it is a minimalist and price-conscious upgrade of the extremely popular BlackWidow Elite. Now, not everyone is willing to lose advanced features such as built-in multimedia keys, audio/USB pass-through, and comfortable wrist rest, but for those who do, this keyboard is not at the best level.

Let's take a look at the comparison of Blackwidow in terms of build quality, performance, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. So, with all this in mind, let us stop wasting time and delve into it.



As we expected from Razer, the packaging of BlackWidow 2019 is black and green. The shell is very delicate, I always thought it was a waste, showing all the glory of the keyboard on the front. There is a small cutout on the box for users to test before buying. When you touch the arrow keys through the cutout, you will be able to feel the switch and the noise it produces. An interesting box function. Inside the

we get:

2019 BlackWidow is a full-size keyboard (110 keys), which provides a very basic design to tell the truth. The design is mainly black and made entirely of plastic, unlike the aluminum used in the Elite version. On the plus side, the plastic feels good quality and has a bit of weight behind it - always a good sign. We ran a quick solidity test to understand how durable the plastic is, and to our surprise it feels very strong. The plastic surrounding the buttons is finished with a slightly rough texture, I can only speculate that this is a design feature that increases grip during gameplay. On the other hand, the key has a smooth surface, which makes it comfortable for both gaming and typing.

In terms of appearance, the Blackwidow's top two corners have been square, while the bottom two corners have been slanted, giving the keyboard a slight edge, certainly not a Razer feature. Below the space bar at the bottom of the keyboard, you will find a complete RGB logo with a plastic window that is fully coordinated with the rest of the keyboard RGB. As can be seen from the specifications, this keyboard does not provide multimedia keys. Razer used a simple Razer logo to fill the space usually occupied by multimedia keys.

Obviously, this keyboard comes with a lot of RGB customization options that look great. However, we will save it in the features section of this review. Those who want a sneak peek, this keyboard looks amazing when RGB is running full throttle.

Razer didn't stop them either. When we look at the bottom of this keyboard, BlackWidow offers several cable routing options, allowing users to manage cables to the left, right, or center according to their specific needs. The cable is about two meters long and is made of a strong braided material.

Finally, like most keyboards, Blackwidow offers pop-up feet that allow the keyboard to tilt slightly; there are two different height options.

In general, although this keyboard is a price-sensitive version of the premium "Elite" model, it seems that the design has been well thought out. Therefore, please treat Razer fairly.

Razer is the kind of brand that likes to package its peripherals with many functions. This helps create a sense of higher value in many of their products. Well, Black Widow is no exception. The next section will introduce some notable functions that the keyboard must provide.

So, leaving aside the layout, let's take a look at one of the key components of this keyboard: the switch. Razer is still one of the few companies that make proprietary switches for its keyboards, far away from its former partner Kalih.

In Blackwidow, Razer used their customized mechanical green game switch. They have a life span of 80 million keystrokes and newly implemented sidewalls to prevent dust accumulation and liquid spillage. These switches provide lightness, tactility and click feel, and are said to be the best of both worlds. To give you some background information, Razer's green switch provides a similar feel and performance style to Cherry MX blues, but with a lighter driving force. So yes, very suitable for gamers.

is different from BlackWidow Elite. When purchasing Blackwidow, you cannot choose from a variety of Razer switches. A bold move by Razer because it effectively tailors this keyboard to specific types of users. That said, I really like the mechanical switches on this keyboard, although they are a bit louder. If you work in a quiet and peaceful office, you may want to steer clear of this keyboard. Bringing the Razer Blackwidow to a quiet office is like walking through the library with JCB. People will stare.

To learn more about switches or to see which one is right for you, visit our switch guide.

A major feature of this keyboard is the Synapse III software package. Now many of you have

RGB. Like all Razer products, one of the big selling points they like to scream about is RGB support. Razer has been improving its Razer Chroma for a long time, and now it seems that the RGB of each key can be changed individually. After entering the software, you can choose from several presets, ranging from color cycling to changing the RGB response effect based on monitor background or music selection. With that said, if there aren't any presets you like, why not jump into Chroma Studio, where you can access nearly endless possibilities. Once the keyboard is set to the desired RGB profile, you can sync it to any other peripheral device discoverable by Synapse. It's a bit fancy for me personally, but if you like this kind of thing, it works very efficiently.

Next is Hypershift. This is another feature in the Synapse III software package. In theory, it provides users with twice as much access rights as the keys available at any time. Let me explain. Hypershift is a feature that allows you to configure the buttons on the keyboard to switch between two separate keyboard profiles. Therefore, if you are someone who plays a game that requires a lot of keyboard shortcuts or spelling commands, you can double the keyboard functionality with just the push of a button. It works in roughly the same way as the function button (Fn).

Another important feature of this keyboard is the hybrid onboard memory. Strictly speaking, this is not a feature of Synapse, but you must create your profile in Synapse. After creating a configuration file, you can save it to the built-in memory of the keyboard. This means you can take the personal data you need with you. You can store up to five configuration files on board, but you can increase them to an unlimited number by uploading them to the cloud.

So in terms of actual effects, what is the actual effect of this in the game environment? Well, if I'm completely honest; pretty good!

I am the kind of person who often plays CS: GO. This is a game that requires the highest level of performance and responsiveness. Well, I am not disappointed with Blackwidow's performance. Now, before we get too excited, let's face reality. The human eye will not notice the difference in response between the main mechanical switches. However, when comparing it with membrane or standard keyboards, mechanical switches certainly have many benefits. In most cases, it feels very sensitive, and I did not encounter any click errors when playing games.

When playing CS: GO, I noticed that the NKey Rollover function was activated many times. This is a feature that can ensure that every keystroke is recorded and triggered no matter how many keys are pressed at the same time. There are good and bad, but mostly good. For gamers who do a lot of what I like to call the click button, this is a must-have feature, especially if you spend a lot of time in an FPS session.

In most cases, I put RGB in wave mode. However, one night I was bored and decided to play with Chroma Studio for a while. To my surprise, there are so many options to choose from, and I actually used it to set up a custom profile. For those who like RGB, this keyboard can't go wrong. If the RGB brightness in Synapse is too bright, you can change it. Having said that, I let it start completely. RGB never hurts anyone.

However, I got a complaint when passing this keyboard in the office, and that was the number of mistakes people made when writing comments and reports. Now it all depends on the actuation pressure and the NKey Rollover function implemented in this keyboard. These switches are very light and very easy to activate, allowing for typographical errors. In addition to

, I was impressed by the performance this keyboard provides on gaming, general-purpose and video editing platforms.

So, with all the new things in our minds, we finally enter the comment section, we have to decide whether this keyboard is worth its hard-earned money. Honestly, this is difficult to answer.

First, suppose that the black widow elite does not exist. The 2019 Blackwidow is an excellent motherboard that provides some cool features, beautiful design and excellent switches, which can provide accurate and responsive gaming performance. All outstanding features. However, when you compare it with other market leaders such as Corsair, ASUS, and Steelseries, the value of BlackWidow begins to be questioned. Many of Razer's competitors offer mechanical keyboards designed around an aluminum frame and equipped with dedicated multimedia keys. Something Blackwidow doesn't provide at all. But this is not to say that it is not a decent keyboard at this price.

So, my final thoughts. In short, this is a keyboard that does simple things well. For those who like RGB and need to provide highly responsive gaming switches for FPS games, this keyboard may be just what you need. She is really good in this department. However, if you prioritize build quality, materials, and service life, you'd better choose something more advanced. Razer’s

BlackWidow may be the cheaper alternative to fans, but don’t let it fool you. This is still a very accurate and responsive keyboard, and many correct boxes can be checked.

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