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Razer advertises Basilisk as their "most advanced fps gaming mouse," and we have an in-depth understanding of whether it delivers on the hype.

Razer Basilisk, described by the folks at Razer as "the world's most advanced FPS gaming mouse" is in the spotlight on WePC today to see if it fits the bill. According to Razer, Basilisk has the world's most advanced optical sensor and is equipped with custom resistance dials for scroll wheels, 3-accessory DPI clutch buttons, and a new ergonomic thumb seat to ensure precision. It all sounds impressive, but we will spare no effort to determine if this is truly one of the great jobs in the world of FPS games.

Razer specifically designed Basilisk for first-person shooter (FPS) games, and what we have here is another excellent high-performance gaming mouse. Basilisk uses an optical sensor with a maximum DPI of 16,000, which can track up to 450 inches per second and supports 1000 Hz polling. The two mouse switches are jointly developed Omron mechanical switches with a rating of up to 50 million clicks, which which is correct in terms of shelf life. One of the most significant differences between the Basilisk and other Razer series mice is its weight, 107 grams, which subsequently split the consumer market in half. Time to see if you can stand the test.



Razer has never really deviated from box design, and there is nothing new to report here. When describing the appearance of any Razer mouse product, a refreshing matte black outlined in bright neon green is standard. Inside, you will find Basilisk in a plastic box with its 2.1m braided cable neatly tied in its own protective shell. The cable is the same as the Deathadder Elite and Lancehead cables. It will remain kinked for a while after opening the package, but will eventually become straight. Things I found a little annoying in the past. In addition to the standard welcome letter, user manual, and stickers, you will also find 2 additional pull-type clutch buttons, which vary in size to suit all users. After opening the

, you will find: The

Basilisk is slightly wider than most Razer mice, for which you can thank the function I like to call the thumb "grip". However, having said that, the actual central body of the basilisk is much smaller than its size suggests. When using the mouse during gaming and daily use, the newly designed thumb rest implemented by Razer creates a better ergonomic feel, which is what they are working hard to open up the demographic market. It is worth mentioning that from the front, the overall outline of the mouse has a prominent right/left downward slope, which will give a preliminary impression of clumsiness and discomfort. I am surprised that this is not the case. The M1 button uses a concave design to provide perfect grip during gaming, and then the M2 button is slightly tilted to the right to make the overall feel of the mouse very comfortable.

As mentioned above, the weight is 107 grams, which may be considered a bit heavy for some people. However, for FPS games, I found this to be very beneficial because the mouse almost crouched on the mouse pad, giving you more control and precision, especially in shooting and long-distance situations. There is nothing worse than being unable to make precise minimum adjustments in a fierce battle, and this mouse certainly does not have this problem. Basilisk has a large footprint, and Razer says it improves accuracy. After many tests, I can confirm that it does. The mouse has 3 plastic skates of appropriate size, two of which are located on the front and back of the mouse, and the third is located under the thumb rest. For me, the mouse feels good on the mat, it has almost no resistance, and it can slide easily. If you are like me, you will appreciate it!

Razer is no stranger to producing weird looking mice, and Basilisk is no exception. The lush, high-quality matte black plastic casing is housed in 2 perfectly designed rubber handles to improve hand stability. It has a moderately arched shape that points towards two main mouse buttons with a quality feel. The left side is concave for comfort and the right side is slightly sloped for a smooth, floorless appearance. As with all Razer mice, its RGB makes this mouse look great from every angle and it is 100% customizable. In general, this mouse has 8 buttons, which fits its shell well. I especially like the resistance of the mouse buttons because they are neither too hard nor too soft to be pressed. This is something that designers have been working on to optimize their use.

The overall feel of this mouse is very satisfying, especially in long games, because it fits in the hand very well. After the success of the Mamba Elite, Razer has always insisted on using a fairly similar model when designing the mouse, and Basilisk is undoubtedly ranked at the top of the ergonomic design list. Having said that, some team members mentioned that their fourth toe dragged on the carpet and became uncomfortable after a few hours, but I have never experienced this. With its huge footprint and crouching feel, you have a feeling of complete control over the crosshairs, which in turn helps to improve accuracy.

Razer designed Basilisk in consideration of FPS games and impressive code development. Omron switches have a service life of 50 million clicks, giving users confidence in durability and service life. The main mouse button is separated from the main shell, creating a wonderful "click feeling" during the game. We tested the resistance by pressing M1 and M2 against the base and found

It is worth noting that the position of the 2 side buttons excluding the optional clutch button makes them slightly separate from the main body. In some cases, this is a problem, because in some cases, they may be clicked unintentionally.

However, with Razer's new thumb shell for Basilisk, this is not a problem at all. Your thumb is under the 2 buttons, it’s almost impossible to accidentally press it, but if you like the strap, you can still use it.

Like all Razer mice, the scroll wheel feels very good. Its resistance can be customized by the dial on the bottom of the mouse. From completely free flow to fairly pressing steps, it is very suitable for users who want to quickly scroll weapons and bunny jumps. People who would rather not use wheels at all. Unsurprisingly, behind the wheel there are 2 forced DPI buttons, and people who are used to sniping in various games can quickly change the sensitivity to improve stability and accuracy. However, Basilisk is equipped with a sniper button, specifically designed to quickly drop to the lowest DPI possible, which means you can re-link the DPI button to something more useful.

As a big gamer, especially FPS games like PubG and CSGO, I really like having time to test the full potential of Basilisk. Like all new Razer mice, the performance of the optical sensor reaches the highest level. Accurate tracking and excellent response time are the main features of the popular PMW3389, which is highly regarded as one of the best sensors available. The sleek design, matte finish, and vibrant RGB are in perfect harmony, creating a beautiful-looking mouse that can take out opponents at will.

Two things that I think are particularly noteworthy are the fantastic new ergonomic thumb seat and the weight. Personally, I have always liked a light weight mouse (107g) because it seems to balance all the feeling and thinking of aiming. The combination of weight and the large size of the Basilisk allows players to have the best feeling when aiming. After testing, I found that compared to using small mice like Steelseries, my precision in long-range combat is much sharper. Competitors 310. However, many people believe that the weight is higher than they are comfortable with for long periods of time. I have been using this mouse for the last week and never thought it was a heavyweight. I think it all comes down to personal preferences. The ergonomic design of the right hand, including the shiny thumb rest, is very suitable for creating a perfect fit on the hand, almost unknowingly eliminating the idea of holding, because it feels so natural in the hand.

Basilisk is equipped with the same 2.1m braided cable as DE and Leatherhead. Unfortunately, there is no wireless version of this mouse, but if you want a good similar product, I strongly recommend you to check out our Mamba Wireless review.

Basilisk uses Razer Synapse 3, which has recently been described as slow and unresponsive, but Razer has taken this into consideration, and the latest version of Synapse 3 looks more user-friendly and refined. Having said that, it is worth mentioning that Basilisk actually forced consumers to use the software when they first bought a mouse. It's annoying, but with the built-in Basilisk configuration files and cloud storage, you only need to complete the process of using the software once. Just create the required configuration file and then configure the software so that it won't open at startup. I think it's worth mentioning that there is a unique super-toggle feature that allows you to bind a button to quickly switch profiles, so in theory you can make 16 bindings at the same time. Very cool.

So does Basilisk live up to Razer's expectations? How does it compare to other similarly priced mice on the market today? Well, we really like using Basilisk with its great optical sensor, great ergonomics, which helps extend playtime, and fully customizable settings until you want how sturdy the scroll wheel is. It's an ideal all-purpose mouse, priced under £ 60 / $ 70, and when it comes to an affordable mouse, it's there. The main feature of this mouse is the thumb rest, which does not disappoint by creating an excellent ergonomic grip. Actually, it reduces the pressure exerted on the user's hand, which can only promote a long time of use. However, since many of the best gaming mice on the market are under 100 grams, I will seriously consider whether Basilisk's heavy belt is suitable for your use. For me, this is not a problem at all, but other members of GV prefer something lighter like Logitech G Pro Wireless. Having said that, we can all safely say that the people at Razer were not disappointed and achieved their goal of creating an extremely sturdy gaming mouse that covers all the basics.

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