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Razer 2 phone black friday

Simple but deadly design on the battlefield.

Today we sat down to test the super simple Razer Abyssus V2 from the "Championship" brand. A classic redesigned for today’s market, the update includes a new optical sensor, ergonomic rubber side grips, and a stylish new dexterous housing suitable for all grip types. V2 weighs 80 grams, which is very suitable for today's FPS gamers, and has been streamlined to the basic elements, giving it a dreamy and simple appearance.

The Abyssus has upgraded its RGB to 3 illuminated areas with customizable signs and scroll wheels, but only in a few different profiles. The DPI has a range of 1005,000, but it is well known that anything above 1,800 is considered absurd. However, with the sleek new design and attractive price tag, I'm eager to see this product's performance in the spotlight. Let's see if these new changes make Abyssus V2 a candidate for our best gaming mouse recommendation.



Technical Mouse

Like all Razer mice, the box continues with the same black and green theme, which I always find beautiful. However, unlike other Razer series mice that use cardboard and plastic to protect the interior, the Abyssus box has 2 plastic shells and the mouse sits firmly inside. It is worth mentioning that the quality of plastic does not feel very good. If you accidentally drop heavy objects or put them in the box, the possibility of resisting damage is much less. The 1.8m cable is hidden behind the mouse and later behind the user manual and welcome instructions. For Razer, all this is pretty standard. The

Abyssus weighs more than 80 grams and is less than 12 cm in length. We all agree that it is a compact design by today's standards. However, lightweight mice are becoming more and more popular with advanced gamers because they help in fast shooting and 180-degree turns in fierce battles. Think CSGO and Quake. The 11.7cm length is short, but after long use, I found this mouse to be very comfortable and well suited for daily tasks and long games. You can thank the ergonomic design for this, which Razer says increases comfort and grip. Abyssus is designed for all types of Grip, after many tests we can conclude that discomfort is not a problem. Even those weird fingertips how it feels. Razer gave Abyssus a smart design to cater to all users. Sometimes this affects the ergonomics of the mouse, but for V2, we still think it has a great feel.

During my testing, I found the abyss shape to be very easy to use, not only suitable for gaming sessions, but also for everyday use. At its peak, Abysus's height was only 3.8 cm. For me, this fits perfectly with my palm and helps me easily go from Mamba Elite to Abyssus. It leans slightly towards the main mouse button, and there are two raised shelves on either side to help stabilize and prevent slippage, which is very popular. The mouse is slightly wider at the front and back, which helps to re-adapt to all hand shapes. The Abyssus main shell is made of high-quality plastic and the surface has been delicately roughened, which helps improve grip and leaves a deep impression. However, if you sweat with this type of surface, wearing it can become a nightmare. But so far, I have not encountered any major problems.

Razer designed this mouse with simplicity in mind, citing "less is more" and "the most important features designed for championship-level gaming only." Once unboxed, Abyssus appears to be the case. Since its predecessor was released in 2014, the design hasn't changed much and no additional buttons have been added - I think this is a technique that Razer has overlooked. V2 has 4 buttons, including two main buttons, a DPI cycle button, and a scroll wheel that can be pressed. However, you can link commands to the upper and lower scroll wheels. This can be achieved through the Razer Synapse software, which must be running for the mouse to work effectively. The main mouse buttons have a solid tactile feel, which is always desirable, and they have enough resistance that accidental clicks are not a nuisance. The scroll wheel can be used as a button and requires additional power to activate it, which isn't a big deal either, but it's worth noting. If you use the DPI button to change the DPI on the fly, keep in mind that Abyssus only has a looping button that will gradually increase until it reaches the maximum DPI. Once achieved it will restart the loop with the lowest setting, which I think is 800 in the standard setting. I've always been a proponent of FPS gaming links, and I really have a hard time understanding why a mouse designed for tournament-level gaming has only 4 buttons, and even 2 additional thumb buttons will greatly improve the current layout.

You will see that most of the mice on the market today are equipped with the popular braided fiber cable for your mice, which has increased strength and durability, but the V2 is designed with a standard 1.8m plastic cable . Do they do this to cater to non-bungee users to eliminate drag and drag from the mat / cable? I'm not sure, but I did notice that it's definitely an improvement on the 2014 version, and it feels a lot worse for the wear resistance. In the end, I have never disliked standard plastic cables and if properly maintained they will last that long. Unfortunately, for some people, the abyss doesn't come with

G pro comments. However, when a company like Razer promotes the mouse designed for tournament grade games, he is aware that they will be executed at the highest level, so this section is ABYSUS V2, it is the most important reason for reviewing. Initially, I would like to point out that Mamba Elite has recently changed from Wired. This is highly considered the best ergonomic design of any Razer mouse. Sometimes, this may have a problem because the palms have become accustomed to old mice, but with a simple design of abyss, the switch was performed with relative ease. In general, I found the feeling of the mouse so that the game is very comfortable and did not experience any of the "discomfort of the new mouse" that sometimes you get with the new mouse. When I have 3325 or 3329 optics, the sensors that I think are never available in today's market, but does not mean it means that it is great during the game test. The follow-up was always excellent, since the response time required when reproducing the FPS for a high frequency of positive movement. Another problem you may experience when a recessor sensor will be used will turn. In most cases, mouse behavior requires rapid mouse behavior, is experienced by a sensitive player like (800 dpi 1.0 turning sensitivity). However, my surprise did not meet this problem. It is worth noting that I read the argument where the problem occurred when I left, but I still have not found it. In general, I'm really enjoying using Abyssus v2 for a competitive game, and if it was not for some problems, it is seriously considered to make a full-time switch.

I need class as a small negative thing, you must have a thumb button and missing. In the case of a tournament grade game mouse, but razer people implement at least two additional thumb buttons. Command links are more commonly used, nowadays, almost all the best bell players, and V2 are dispelled with the sum of 4 buttons. But aside, the newly designed mold rubber side grabs promote a lot of grips for optimized controls, a large bonus. The design of grip creates a great grip, creating a general grip, and promotes the lifting of the blow and the great precision. However, the distance of the survey was considered very poor if you could put two CDs in the mouse, but it was still starting, but it is the next.

Optical and DPI sensors, Pole rates, switches and connectivity

As mentioned above, we have what we believe in 3325 or 3329. It is a large integral sensor, but it can definitely be improved. If V2 was a budget mouse, the designer was a bit of wives because the next sensor may have increased a price about 70 pounds of the pound of 80 pounds. It was said that this had been a wonderfully hardworking sensor, and I did not experience many problems. The CO-exists switch, and today is an omelon switch developed jointly with a lifespan of 200,000, taken at par. However, most people will be updated for a long time before the life of the switch expires. The voting rate is connected to each 1000Hz gaming mouse as imagination, and is connected through the Abyssus plastic cable` 1.8m. However, the mouse can be frustrated a bit with the Razer Synapse software optimizes efficiency. However, the latest version of Synapse (3) seems to be repaired with errors and response. Between

Razer compares with consumers and is considered to be slow, buggy and, sometimes, a low response in the past. However, due to the last software, the new version (3) of Synaptic seems to be approaching what can be considered as a decent package and has some clean functions. In the case of Abyssus V2, the optimization of lighting is considered considerably useful, but if it is impressed by three different light configurations, the trick will be tricks. However, our favorite new software innovation is displacement optimization. As a result, the user could change the sensitivity of the lifting distance we think, and I thought it was quite convenient. This is said, the tool was very unfinished and it seemed to have changed anything in Lod when it was calibrated to my needs. The latest updates and software drivers are automatically downloaded by Synapse and work well.

Finally, Abyssus V2 is a budget versatile game mouse that supports all users. I'm really enjoying using the mouse with a really competitive play, and the Mberume Elite switch was easily created because it was implemented by Great Design Razer. In general, I would like to aim to point to aim a newly designed side grip to help increase the sensation of integral control. My only real problem This mouse is that there is no additional button that feels essential for FPS games. However, if you can handle the minimum minimum, you are really enjoying this. For the price tag, the abyss really filled the blow and is sitting on the list of budget mice today.

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