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Do you want to start a nostalgic gaming adventure? The new Humble Bundle product may be on your street. The Raw Fury 2020 bundle is Raw Fury's favorite game series, and you can buy it for only $ 1,

Set in the 90's, the protagonist of this game is a strong journalism professional, and she must investigate the death of her grandfather recently deceased. With a motorcycle and a notebook, you must have a deep understanding of the mysteries of your hometown.

If the previous game was too flat for you, then maybe Tormentor X Punisher is dynamic enough for you. The game is really very simple, just fight as many demons as you can. The good news is that everything can be killed in one fell swoop. The bad news is that there are a lot of enemies and they are closing in on you quickly.

If you already have GoNNER, the third product in this tier is the Blueberry Edition extension. This adds new weapons, heads, enemy types, and challenges to the original game.

If you pay a few dollars more, you can unlock three more games. The second tier in the Humble Bundle is based on the average cost people pay to unlock the pack. So if you pay the current average or more, you will unlock these games.

The game is a Nordic black style sci-fi game, which has a cybernetic enhancement agent named Vera. Vera must investigate a series of murders, the cruelty of which hides a sinister truth.

If you are considering starting using the Kingdom series, this pack contains the original game. Kingdom is a 2D side scrolling strategy game with modern pixel art graphics that will take you on a memory trip.

If you decide you like the kingdom, the good news is that there are more places. You can also access Kingdom New Lands provided with the original soundtrack in this version.

Now, something is different. Mosaic is a surreal game that immerses you in the ordinary world of a narrative-driven game. You will start with a repetitive world, and then escape in all kinds of strange and wonderful ways throughout the short narrative.

Night Call is another mystery/investigation game. Modern Paris is haunted by a mysterious serial killer. You play as a taxi driver and the recent survivor of the serial killer. He must help the police find the murderer, otherwise the police will blame you for the crime.

In the idyllic island kingdom, you must prevent hordes of Viking invaders from attacking your home. The king is dead, you must take your people to safety and order your subjects to defend themselves.

If you find this Humble Bundle, part of your payment will be donated to charities. The charity supported by the Humble Bundle this time around is Covenant House, giving homeless youth the help they need. Chapter

Will you collect these Humble Bundle sacrifices? Let us know in the comments.

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