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LHR Nvidia 30 series GPU, or hash lite rate graphics cards, especially by NVIDIA, especially to limit the efficiency with the card for cryptographic mining purposes. I hope to reduce the demand of the mining workers of the card, leaving more things for the real player, so, healing that the price of the GPU decreases from the advanced market price last year.

We saw signal signs in a common GPU market, but (at least as much as NVIDIA cards), Nonlhr's graphic cards have continued to be very high in China's current cryptographic cracks.

In addition to many countries, Vietnam retailers recognize the possibility of non-LHR market padding and became experts who sell the preoperative cryptographic mining PC of Nonlhr.

A specific NguyenConPC retailer is observed using the MT. GPU, especially on its cryptographic mining platform.

Asus Ultra Gundam Series (very popular, inspired by the Japanese animation series with giant giant giant giant giant, is inspired by the Japanese animation series), the GPU shortage climate today is more difficult. The relatively small number of this series has been performed by ASUS, if you want to buy only one, you may need to happen around $ 2,300 on eBay or other places.

This could be able to obtain pain in the heart of a fan of the construction of an aesthetic game, looking for a problem how NGUYENCONPC has a lot of vision and arrived by them, and the acupuncture game builds fans, is familiar with The use of and burned. (Beautiful tragic residue card, ay!).

Regardless of the above, we may be looking for the reduction of LHR prices that expanded immediately. Along with the clamping of mining activities in China, the transition to mining test in Crypto Curtthecy is the clamping of China's mining activities (the largest source of mining activity of crypts and the largest market for the cryptographic mining GPU. The price we get used to can be a moment so that the market price returns to normal. Read our work in the GPU shortage solution for more information.

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