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When creating your own PC version, it is important to purchase components that help enhance the gaming experience. RAM is an important aspect to consider as it helps provide all the improvements your PC system needs to improve its overall performance.

If you have an AMD Ryzen 2700x processor and are considering upgrading your RAM, you may not be sure which is the best option. In this article, we select and review the five best types of RAM for this processor.

We focus on important specifications that you must consider, such as memory type, clock speed, and CAS latency to find the best option for you.

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Buy from Amazon

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Corsair Dominator RAM is particularly impressive, available in black and white, depending on your preferred build color. Since it has RGB, it can be customized to the aesthetic you want.

It has two 8GB RAM for a total of 16GB. It runs at the best speed of 3600 MHz and is only available for AMD products. Although this is one of the more expensive RAMs that we describe in this article, it has some of the best specs.

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Corsair Vengeance LPX is a great RAM option and great value for money. If you are looking for a RAM upgrade within your budget, this is a good option for you. It has a total of 16GB and uses the latest type of RAM, which is great.

has the best clock speed and high performance. Due to its unobtrusive appearance, it won't be too big and it supports Intel XMP 2.0.

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Corsair Vengeance PRO RAM is a complete option at a reasonable price, and if you are shopping on a higher budget, it is a suitable option. It has 28 GB of RAM, which is equivalent to 16 GB in total. Black and white can be purchased according to your personal preference.

In addition to color options, this RAM also has RGB lighting for maximum customization. It has the best clock speed required for gaming, and the overall performance is high. It has the greatest potential for overclocking.

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HyperX Predator is an excellent choice for gaming. It has a total capacity of 16GB, which is very suitable for gaming PCs. It is compatible with overclocking and has DIMM compatibility. Since it is suitable for most standard PC versions.

has reasonable latency and optimal clock speed. Its price is medium and, in general, it is a good value for money. It was built with good performance in mind, but without RGB.

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Corsair Dominator Platinum is an excellent model of RAM for gaming. This 16GB kit is the best memory for gaming, divided into two 8GB memories. It can reach impressive speeds of up to 4600MHz. Although it has a high clock speed, it has extremely low latency to match.

It has the latest type of memory, and considering its high specifications, it is not too expensive. With a lifetime warranty, you know that you are buying reliable PC components.


from Amazon At WePC, we are always committed to recommending the best PC components and accessories to our readers. Our team is committed to reviewing and recommending the most reliable products with good value for money.

We compare and review all the components and accessories that appear in our articles in as much detail as possible, so that you can get an honest understanding of how they look. We make sure that they are as effective as claimed, and only recommend products that are worth buying. The

WePC team has many years of experience in the gaming industry and makes sure to study the latest specifications to recommend the best choice within the price range or purpose.

In this article, we have selected five best RAMs for Ryzen 2700x. We provide a variety of different options to suit different types of PC versions and budgets.

Before purchasing RAM for your Ryzen 2700x, you need to consider several different factors first.

When choosing RAM, you need to make sure it has a good memory clock speed. This will determine the speed of execution and the efficiency of the RAM. Generally, the faster the memory clock speed, the better the performance.

When you buy RAM for a gaming PC, the minimum RAM speed you need is 3000MHz, anything less than this speed is not enough. The optimal amount is about 3200MHz, but you can buy RAM with a clock speed higher than this speed.

If your PC specifications are particularly high, then you will benefit from a particularly high RAM speed of 4000Mhz and above.

Although a higher memory clock speed is important, in some cases, if overall timing is better, a lower clock speed RAM may be better than a higher clock speed. This is due to latency and memory timing. The CAS

latency measures how many clock cycles the RAM can handle. In terms of latency, the lower the number, the better. If the CAS latency is low, this usually means that the clock speed will be higher.

For example, if you have two different types of RAM with the same clock speed, the one with the lowest overall CAS latency will be the better choice. To find the delay, you need to look at the first two digits of the RAM number.

Another important factor to consider is the type of RAM memory. Type of memory used

Used in games. This memory is not too big, measuring 5.25 x 1.66 x 0.32 inches.

This RAM uses the latest model of DDR4 memory with a memory clock speed of 3600Mhz. However, it can reach speeds up to 4600MHz, and it can also be overclocked.

It has a lifetime warranty, which is great because it will give you peace of mind when you buy it in case there is a problem with the product. Its latency is 17, which is pretty good for this type of RAM.

has DIMM connection, but no RGB lighting. Its aluminum heat sink ensures that the RAM stays cool during operation.


16GB DDR4 kit (2 x 8GB)

base frequency

PC417000 (2133MHz)

overclocking function

XMP 2.0 automatic overclocking support


has been tested on the latest Intel and AMD

44buffer format ONE DIMM platform Pin output: 288Pin

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3600MHz clock speed is the best choice for gaming

116GB of memory is enough to play well

The latest DDR memory


good latency, but not the perfect choice for the lowest available

game memory You are looking for DIMM compatible components. This is a medium price and not too expensive. It's good value for money, and it's not too big. Its exact size is 0.28 x 5.24 x 1.68 inches.

Unfortunately, although this RAM does not have RGB lighting, its specifications are not lacking. It has 16GB of memory, which is the best memory for games. It is DDR4, fast and future-oriented.

Look at its clock speed, this is 3600MHz, which is the best number for games. Usually, this RAM is created for gaming, and its specifications reflect this. Although its latency is not the lowest, 17 is still great. This RAM can be overclocked to further improve its overall performance.

All in all, RAM is an integral part of gaming PCs. Not only does it help optimize overall performance, but it also improves the system's short-term memory. For this reason, your gaming PCs must be in sufficient quantities and have the correct specifications required.

All the RAM options we have included in this article are compatible with the AMD Ryzen 2700x. They are a great option to choose from, and there are a variety of different prices to suit different budgets.

When choosing RAM, you need to make sure that the clock speed is good and the latency is low. In addition, you must have the correct DIMM form factor and connections. Although DDR4 is the best type of memory, DDR3 is still a good choice.

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