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Rainbow six quarantine release date

Rainbow Six Siege DLSS support means a potential performance improvement for 4K games, although there are some requirements to achieve this level of performance.

Below you can see the comparison of 4K Rainbow Six Siege with DLSS turned off and DLSS turned on by Nvidia.

Obviously, any performance claims of the manufacturer should be reserved, but if performance improvements can even approach these numbers, it is indeed impressive.

Deep Learning Super Sampling, DLSS for short, is a magical technology of NVIDIA. It uses artificial intelligence (especially the Tensor Core AI processor) to improve the visual quality in the game without putting too much pressure on the hardware, thereby improving FPS performance.

is particularly useful for higher resolution games, especially 4K games, and at this resolution gives Nvidia an advantage over AMD Radeon graphics cards.

DLSS can be enabled in game video settings as usual, but to get the 50% performance improvement that Nvidia claims, you need to do two things:

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