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Rainbow six extraction

Future Horror Spin Off from Rainbow Six Siege, Rainbow Six Siege announced first at E3 2019. Date.

Unfortunately, we have not yet had the date of launching a company, we know that it is scheduled to be launched in April 2020. In other words, in April 2020, considering that Ubisoft has the habit of freeing the game at the beginning of this Year, it turned out that the title was dimensioned in the latest version of January to February. Only

speculation, we can give a close estimate for you. The other two Ubisoft games take into account, I am looking at the gods and monsters (February 25) and the body of dogs (March 6). It seems at the beginning of February. You can see the lower teaser trailer to see how

titles appear. The trailer opens to the right in the middle of fear. Hide what looks like a dark life of unknown creatures and share a point of view with panic characters. On the other hand, you will see a mystery device installed in the arms of the character and the mark of black dialing. Finally, Vigil appears from the popular character Ela and the Rainbow six siege and seems to repel the creature.

In the following video, Bio Jade has confirmed that quarantine is a 3Player Coop trigger game. This allows you to play on a team throughout the game. This is a great change of Siege Game PVP configuration. In this sense, the quarantine promises a new experience with respect to the family roots of the Six World Rainbow.

Story has been established in a few years in the future of unknown alien parasites in the world. The rainbow operator should be dropped into the quarantine area to fight a threat that changes rapidly.

Ubisoft has promised a task that is "chaotic and completely unpredictable", so there will be many exciting players to excel.

Reed Game Designer, Biojide, there are several similarities with the titles of six arc iris from the point of view of behavior, cancer and gadgets. Then, the surrounding palettes will be at home with this new title. However, it does not have to be an envelope to enjoy quarantine.

Rainbow Six Barantine will be launched at the beginning of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

It seems that it has many experiences that have different experiences than their predecessor, siege and the original emotions of Rainbow 6.

will establish the original character of the last game of this world and will configure different game games, but you can wait for Ubisoft to do what to do .

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