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Quirky sci fi adventure journey to the savage planet releases early next year

After Ubisoft filed a lawsuit, a mystery game that resembled Rainbow Six Siege was closed. The Area F2 game that appeared on the Google and Apple app stores was created by game developer Ejoy.

Ubisoft claims that "Area F2" is a "rough copy" of the popular game "Rainbow Six: Siege" and that "almost every aspect" has been cloned. They argued that Zone F2 is so similar to Rainbow Six: Siege that consumers are likely to misunderstand the other.

Ubisoft filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google, claiming they failed to take action against copyright infringement.

Originally, Ubisoft notified Apple and Google at the same time, but they refused to remove the game, so they needed to upgrade. It seemed that it was finally successful, and a statement was made. Area F2 has been closed and removed from the app store. If you purchased the game, you will be able to apply for a refund.

Interestingly, it seems that Ejoy did not resist for long, accepting the failure silently. Or maybe they saw that Ubisoft was suing them and thought it was not worth trying to win that. The

developer stated in the Facebook update: "We are making improvements to Area F2 to provide players with a better experience." The interesting thing about this announcement of

is that it doesn't mention Ubisoft or Rainbow Six Siege lawsuits at all. , Ignoring the huge elephant in the room.

However, this opened up the possibility of us re-watching the game, but underwent a major transformation to prevent it from being inspired by the Rainbow Six Siege. However, we think Ejoy will remain cautious in terms of game improvements and updates, so it will be interesting to see its final result.

Did you give F2 a chance? Compared to Rainbow Six Siege, what do you think? Let us know what you think below.

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