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Publisher 505 announced on Gamescom that the collaborative sci-fi adventure Journey to the Savage Planet will be launched on January 28, 2020. A weird new trailer was released together, showing the colorful alien landscape of the savage planet tour.

Journey to the Savage Planet is a first-person adventure game that transports the player to the unexplored planet ARY 26 at the edge of the known universe. As an employee of the Kindred Aerospace Exploration Company, the player must draw this new boundary full of alien life to determine whether it can support human life. Due to lack of equipment and no real plan, he arrived on this strange planet.

This planet has a large number of biomes and creatures available to catalog. Waiting for comedy setbacks and surprises that can only be found in the farthest part of the universe.

Considering the use of such vibrant hues from the '70s sci-fi style and overall beauty, it's unwise not to mention the visual similarity to No Man's Sky. Although the same can be said for the alien flora and fauna, "Savage Planet Journey" takes a more bulbous, almost playful, humorous style, rather than the boring atmosphere of the Hello Games game.

Similarly, focusing on a carefully constructed alien planet implies that the colorful environment is already suitable for exploration.

Journey to the Savage Planet will land on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, although the PC version is one of the controversial lists of exclusive products on the Epic Games Store. Reservations are in real time, including the digital bobble head doll and the Kindred Aerospace pistol charm, suitable for those who participate early.

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