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Pubg season 8 now live for pc players

If your PC can meet the requirements of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (commonly known as PUBG), you need to determine its exact specifications, that is, what components it has. Once you understand them, you can check the minimum and recommended specs listed below to see if you can get the job done.

If you're not sure how to check your PC's specifications, check out our simple guide here. To make the task easier, we are finishing a new feature that will automatically list the PC specifications. We should hear about the advancement of the tool, so check back as soon as possible for more information.

is arguably a shooter that brings the Battle Royale genre to the forefront of collective psychology in the gaming community. PUBG is an online multiplayer game where 100 players fight alone and become the last person to resist. In addition to having to fight each other, players must also deal with a large map and environmental hazards, the most important of which is a closed circle, outside of this circle, the player's health will quickly deplete.

Numerous weapons, gear, loot, vehicles, controversial airdrops, rich and diverse map options, set in various locations such as deserts and jungles in Southeast Asia, PUBG is a complete battle royale experience. Although it has been released, it continues to attract Player for almost two years.

Although PUBG has been superseded by the pop culture phenomenon Fortnite (another battle royale game), it remains a fan favorite as it offers a more mature and realistic experience in terms of weapon mechanics, movement and scope.

Please note that PUBG has recently increased the basic system requirements, so previously applied content may have changed. The previous specification was somewhat ambitious, but the new specification is the more realistic version you need as a basic requirement for the game to proceed.

Generally speaking, the requirements are moderate, but the minimum specifications are difficult to achieve anything above 30 FPS. Even then, it is difficult for you to achieve these numbers consistently, especially when there are fierce gun battles and a high number of players. At the beginning of each game. PUBG does not need as many CPUs as GPUs. However, we recommend using at least a quad-core CPU to avoid annoying frame rate drops.

RAM requirements are high, but in most cases, 8GB is the minimum requirement for a veritable gaming rig, so unless you’re running a setup built in 2012, you may already be in a good position.

with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, don’t expect to reach a near-steady 60 FPS unless you lower the setting to at least medium to low. As for the recommended NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB and AMD Radeon RX 580, they reach 60 FPS at 1080p at super settings, but they are expected to drop in the event of difficulties. We recommend a medium setting to ensure a stable 60-100 FPS, no matter what happens in the game. The recommended specifications of

are not too spectacular and belong to the middle-budget component category, which means that PUBG does not require expensive machines to enjoy the game.

PUBG is the best game with higher FPS and refresh rate, so the better the machine and display, the better the experience, and the more likely you are to win the coveted chicken dinner. With this in mind, we recommend the following:

As always, you can do your best with the extra large setting, and the FPS count is much higher than 100, as shown below;

To make it a bit more realistic though, our $ 600 build should be able to get the job done just fine.

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