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It has been three years since PUBG Corp. introduced the groundbreaking concept of 100 freelancers to the world. The current situation is very different from 2017, especially because there are too many competitors after PUBG, and their goal is to get a share of the battle royale faction.

From Fortnite to Warzone’s Apex Legends and newcomer Hyper Scape, PUBG will certainly not be as popular all over the world as it used to be. However, despite falling out of favor in the wider gaming community, a strong team of gamers is still firmly committed to the game, with 500,000 people, if there is any substance in the Steam statistics.

According to the latest data released by PUBG Corp, the game has sold over 70 million units so far. It may not dominate the headlines or Twitch live streams, but PUBG has certainly not disappeared.

To commemorate this moment and kick off PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Season 8, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is recreating the armpit jungle on the Sanhok map. This is the last map that has benefited from plastic surgery after Erangel and Vikendi.

As the press release explains, we are not talking about a rough mod, but an actual remake that will turn Sanhok into a "simpler, meaner and more deadly" weed paradise. The menu has better graphics fidelity, clearer game balance, and improved performance.

Every structure, tree, rock, and material has been redesigned from the ground up based on data collected from player feedback. Extensive design and artistic enhancements spread to familiar locations such as training camps, ruins, Painan, Kao, and quarries, and introduced several new areas, including old tourist traps and airports.

As part of update 8.1, the remade Sanhok landed in PUBG on July 22, which will trigger Season 8. Players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia will have to wait a little longer to join on July 30.

update 8.1 also includes:

has some minor changes, especially bug fixes, UI and sound improvements, and a new look. You can view the complete list of additions and changes here. Starting from July 15th,

PC gamers can test changes through the PC test server, while console and Stadia players can start testing on the console test server from July 22nd.

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