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Psychonauts 2

Like games like Minecraft and Fortnite, they can be one of the biggest game success stories released in an extremely basic yet powerful form, only enriched by regular iterative updates. PlayerUnknown's Battleground is still adding important new features and continues to grow and expand. One thing that has been lacking since its release is any kind of fully realized story, where any part of the narrative is primarily inferred from the ambient narrative, or is only implied by the premise and design of the game.

no longer, because they have begun to broaden the knowledge of the game, provided by the ARG events, focusing on the role of the person in charge of running the tournament. In an ingenious frame device of our time, it is presented in the form of conference calls between various employees. In terms of presentation, it seems to be inspired by the search for movies.

This is a PUBG Lore Drop video, they said it was mysteriously discovered on the recovered hard drive.

Especially during these remote work and lockdown periods, we are all related to annoying professional conference calls with annoying colleagues. Or if you can't, it may mean that you are a disgusting colleague. The center of the

story is a team of four who can escape from the island through the net. Being identified as Sanhok 4, it is unclear what exactly his motivation is, or how this story relates to the entire game, but it is interesting to see how to add a story to an already stacked game. 70 million in sales. Maybe this story is what they need to reach the 100 million sales milestone.

Hawkeye players will notice some recognition of several different elements of the game, and some subtle references are hidden throughout the video. If you find anything in the comments, please let us know.

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