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If there are any new rumors, the next-gen consoles will be shown in droves in May. Due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, E3 was canceled and the platform developers and headlines were reportedly forced to readjust their marketing plans to accommodate the severely distorted situation.

Result: Many people choose to abandon the usual week-long E3 mass announcements.

According to a well-known insider, Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners, we will receive news earlier than expected and, in some cases, later than expected. In terms of the next big next-gen game consoles that Sony and Microsoft are about to release, the May event looks increasingly likely.

Ahmad’s words seem to be supported by an article published by Video Game Chronicle, which points to a source with knowledge of Sony’s PlayStation 5 plans. The source indicated that the PlayStation 5 unveiling event will be held next month, significantly earlier than the traditional E3 window.

All in all, Microsoft is still preparing for the Xbox Series X show in May, and a more game-focused event to replace its current messy E3 plan.

Daniel Ahmad and VGC both explained their statement that due to the nature of the pandemic and its impact on the gaming industry, any plan may be modified at the last minute. In other words, any plans for upcoming console events in May may derail at any time. However, for now, both are set to host fans of the next generation of consoles in May.

As for what we can expect to hear, the actual console situation can be seen on the PlayStation 5 card, and prices for Sony and Microsoft consoles will remain vaguely visible in the 2020 holiday season throughout the planned launch. . Games will also take center stage in the coming months, as both companies are attracting customers through a series of attractive launch games.

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