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Ps5 pro release

An industry insider said that Sony is preparing to announce the restart of Silent Hill for the next-generation PlayStation 5 as soon as possible.

The Vine has recently produced multiple rumors, and initial speculations indicate that Konami supports restarting. The publisher quickly smashed them, but this did not stop the rumors, and later pointed to Sony taking over the reins of the project.

In particular, an industry acquaintance nicknamed Dusk Golem provided detailed information about the contents of the store. According to reports, the game will be a soft restart of Sony’s Japanese studio. Its new features adhere to the name of "Silent Hill", without numbers, and can draw a line on the beach with previous franchise works. They said they found out about this from various sources who were aware of the project, although, unsurprisingly, they did not provide more detailed information on these sources.

Now, another informant named KatharsisT appears to have confirmed Dusk Golemn's words through a post on the Resetera gaming forum. Speaking of rumors, insiders noted that the announcement will come sooner or later, and there are some pretty obvious signs that May could be a candidate.

When asked to back up their statement, people familiar with the matter pointed out that if the rumors turned out to be false, they would be very happy to keep their promises and be dragged out of the car.

Normally, we cannot confirm or refute rumors without official confirmation from Sony. Therefore, we recommend treating the last nugget with the necessary skepticism and using a lot of salt to avoid disappointment.

However, as they say, there is no smoke or fire, and multiple rumors from reliable sources indicate that something with the flavor of Silent Hill is brewing.

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