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Ps5 october release date leak

For console game players, 2020 will be an important year. We will not only get the Playstation 5 version, but also Xbox 2 / Project Scarlett, as well as many big-name games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Watchdogs: Legion. However, it seems that this is not all. There are rumors that Sony will release the PS5 Pro at the same time as the standard console.

When it comes to its next-gen gaming consoles, we have yet to confirm Sony's release date. However, there is also a lot of speculation. When will we know the release date of PS5 Pro? Well, due to the leaked email earlier this year, it seems we have to wait until February 2020 to determine the date.

This email describes an event called

PlayStation Meeting 2020 and promises to introduce in detail "The Ghost of Tsushima", "The Last of Us 2" and the upcoming PS5 and PS5 Pro. EA and Activision.

Honestly, we don't know. Also, there really isn't much information about it. Thanks to comments shared by reporter Zenj Nishikawa, the rumors began. They said Sony executives told them they would "release two different-performing PlayStation models." It's not exactly a solid platform.

However, Sony’s idea of releasing its next-generation console "Professional Edition" is very meaningful: this is the new normal for console games. However, whether they are released at the same time as the basic model is another matter.

Of course, we have not confirmed or even confirmed the specifications of the console. But we can always guess. The previous "Pro" model came with some hardware upgrades and higher prices. In the final analysis, it all boils down to the most important thing for you in gaming: saving money or getting better performance.

What do you think? If Sony releases PS5 Pro, would you buy it? Please let us know in the comments below! And, if you are looking for the best Playstation Black Friday deals, be sure to pay close attention to our website throughout the event.

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