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Ps5 everything we know release date games specs

With more and more details about the next generation of game consoles, they look more and more impressive over time. The latest news comes from chief systems architect Mark Cerny, who detailed how the accelerated clock feature will work on the upcoming PlayStation 5.

We discovered some of the upcoming technical features of the console early last month and one of the more interesting things. is that the GPU will have variable frequencies. This means that you can change your clock speed depending on the type of game being played and the temperature of the console.

The good news is that, in most cases, it appears that PlayStation 5 will have enough power to run GPUs and CPUs near maximum boost.

In a recent interview with Digital Foundry, Mark Cerny showed us how to deal with this variable amount. Interestingly, the increase will not be reduced to the actual temperature of the chip, but will depend on the algorithm that monitors the current GPU and CPU usage.

Cerny said: "We did not use the actual chip temperature, because this will cause two types of changes between PS5. One is the change caused by the difference in ambient temperature; the console can be placed in a warmer or cooler place in the room The other is the change caused by a single custom chip in the console, some chips run hotter, some chips run colder. Therefore, instead of using chip temperature, we use an algorithm where the frequency depends on the activity information of the CPU and GPU. This keeps the behavior between PS5 consistent.

This will result in a smaller boost clock difference between systems, and you can maintain the same speed no matter where you store the console, be it in a hot or cold area. If you and your friend are in the same If you are going in the same area in a game, then the boost frequency you will get should technically be the same.

If you want to know if you have enough power to operate under the limits of the GPU and the CPU Mark Cerny also answered this question.

Cerny noted: "The CPU and GPU each have a power budget, of course the GPU power budget is the larger of the two. If the CPU does not use your power budget, for example if its upper limit is 3.5 GHz, the unused part of the budget will be used for the GPU. This is what AMD calls SmartShift. The CPU and GPU have enough capacity to run at the 3.5GHz and 2.23GHz limits, and developers don't have to choose to run one of them slower. "

The use of AMD SmartShift means that developers will be able to work with the knowledge and can continue to advance their games taking into account the increase in clock speed. Although we do not yet know how much this will affect developers, in theory, this sounds like good news, the lock profile

will also appear in the dev unit, which is another way to help developers optimize the game.

Mark Cerny provided more information about these configuration files. He said: "Regarding locking configuration files, we support these configuration files in our development kit. It would be useful not to use a variable clock when optimizing. The released PS5 Games will always get a higher frequency, so they can take advantage of additional features. "

But it looks like the PlayStation 5 will become an impressive game console. Before the release, we will pay close attention to PlayStation 5 leaks and related news. Be sure to check the latest news regularly

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