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Project resistance release date

Last week, Capcom announced the newest member of the long-running series "Resident Evil" at the Tokyo Game Show. Currently called Project Resistance (a work in progress), the game is an asymmetric multiplayer game involving five players.

Four players play survivors, their task is to escape a cunning experiment that has a problem. On the other hand, the fifth player is a puppeteer known as a planner, who watches the survivors through a closed-circuit television network and places obstacles to hinder their progress.

Obstacles include creating enemy anomalies in the path of survivors, controlling zombies, setting traps, placing environmental hazards, tampering with lights, locking doors, and patching security cameras to serve as lethal weapons. However, Mastermind's finishing move is an imposing tyrant, and the survivors must fight him in a multiplayer boss battle scene.

On the survivor side, players must work together to avoid zombies, navigate through boring experimental facilities, and solve puzzles, all of which are completed before time runs out. Each survivor has a unique set of abilities, such as the ability to damage tanks, heal allies, launch powerful melee attacks, and hack CCTV cameras to make the planner's task difficult.

This is a bit like Saw meets Dead By Daylight combined with the Universe's unique brand of horror Resident Evil.

Capcom will be running the internal beta of Project Resistance on Xbox One and PlayStation from October 4-7. Interested parties can register here, but they must register before Wednesday, September 18 (the registration deadline).

Capcom stated that it plans to introduce Project Resistance to the PC when the game is officially launched. As for the release date, Capcom stated that everything will be announced in due course.

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