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Project maverick rumored reveal

Originally announced during the Tokyo Game Show in 2019, the resistance plan will help us rally until we get the next batch of zombies when Resident Evil 8 launches. Project Resistance will be a 1v4 online survival horror game set in the world of Resident Evil.

Although this will not be counted as the main game in the "Resident Evil" series, we still expect to have the same level of polish and survival horror.

The unfortunate news is that Capcom has not confirmed a release date for Project Resistance. Obviously, the game will be played during the Tokyo Game Show, which means that it will be released soon. Only time will tell, but we expect it to decline until the end of 2020. Update

: We now know that Project Resistance will launch with Resident Evil 3 Remake on April 3, 2020. The official trailer for

provides us with a brief preview of the type of action movie clips we can look forward to. A group of people started fierce hand-to-hand combat and shootouts with a large group of zombies. The battle seems to be much faster than what we are used to in the "Resident Evil" series, and the hordes of enemies look particularly spectacular. In the end there was even a big boss ...

We know that in addition to multiplayer games, Project Resistance will also have an offline mode that players will be able to run. So far, there is not much information on this aspect, but we may hear more during the Tokyo Game Show.

When four players try to escape, they encounter an invisible "planner". The survivors will have to work together to escape while they are still alive. Each character has special characteristics, such as Tyrone's ability to reduce damage and Valerie's ability to heal other survivors. This will be a fun team-based game, and using traps to divide the survivors will definitely cause headaches.

On the other hand, the planner used a series of CCTV cameras to monitor the action, setting traps and placing creatures to prevent survivors from trying to leave. My favorite action is that the main brain can turn off the lights, this is the last thing you need when the undead are chasing you! From the game trailer, we can see the development of some actions, as well as the timer that stands out at the top of the screen.

Mastermind can also directly control the zombies and close the door to divide the survivors. The trailer also shows the ability to "become the ultimate threat", which appears to be a giant zombie with its own abilities.

Project Resistance will be launched on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, and will soon undergo a closed beta test. The

fans of the Resident Evil series will love this title, the survival elements and blood, the action will be fierce. Just like "Death by Daylight", survival horror fans will love the cooperative aspect of survival, but since the main brain seems to be the most interesting character, you may have to wait for your turn!

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