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Project cars 3 revealed

After "Star Wars: The Fallen Order of the Jedi" and since "EA Camp", he has been very calm about future "Star Wars" games. We know that there will be a Lego Star Wars title in the near future, and Fallen Order may be the first title in a longer franchise or anthology series, but as far as new Star Wars games are concerned, there is not yet. There is not so much news at all.

is beyond the rumors. For a long time, there have been rumors that EA studio Motive is developing a new Star Wars secret IP similar to the past Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and Tie Fighter games, based on the latest version of Battlefront 2’s space combat (my favorite Part of the game).

Things about the game and its leaks have been quiet for a while, that is to say, until today, EA Motive "shares who we are and the work we do" on Twitter. On its own, this tweet indicates that they will share something with us soon, although in other respects it is a rather vague tweet.

That was of course, until Jeff Grubb responded to this tweet with Top Gun's Maverick gif.

Why is this important? Well, on the one hand, there have been rumors for a long time that this upcoming game belongs to the Maverick work title project, which is why Grubb specifically posted the gif on Twitter. Another reason why it might be important needs more explanation...

Jeff Grubb has been posting mysterious tweets related to many different games and systems all summer-he has teased Tony Hawk 1 and 2 And the successful remake of Unreal Engine 5 revealed-he plans to host an event called "Mel Gibson Pictures" during his "Summer Olympic Chaos" on June 2. This is where things get a little conspiracy theory, but try to follow me.

Mel Gibson Picture probably refers to the 1984 movie Maverick, in which Mel Gibson played the role of Bret Maverick. This seems to be confirmed by Jeff’s tweet under EA Motive’s tweet, so we’re likely to see Project Maverick announced on June 2.

If they need more evidence to prove the upcoming news, Jason Schrier (a respected game journalist and trusted source of inside information) interjected and said, "It looks like someone is preparing to release a new game", and then replied to follow up. Confirmed that the game will be based on Star Wars IP issues.

Star Wars insider Jordan Maison also put forward his own suggestions to Star Wars fans, saying that everyone should pay attention to the announcement next week. All this information confirms that on June 2, we will see the information disclosure. In a new Star Wars game, it is rumored to be a space battle simulator.

We will definitely give you all the latest information, but based on your current knowledge, are you excited about the next announcement or are you skeptical? Please let us know in the comments below.

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