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The CARS 3 project is perfect for the announcement heel that emits this summer, the developer focused on the design and physics that has established the latest version of this latest version and blog of the panel developer.

Reed Designer KRIS As the Pope explains, the automotive project 3 focuses much more about the driver. `In this new fee, it is dad that engine sports will evoke a passion for the people of those who love sports. `` Car, driving, racing, speed: really reduced your things with a project car 3. "

" We wanted to keep the updated approach to the driver and race. So he did not have to go through hours at the practice session, but he does not have to eliminate a series of tire tires tires in one condition, and you have the fuel you need, you do not have to do a liter of race, it ends The race, and you will be punished to choose the wrong strategy and you will be punishable. If


, the philosophy is filtered to many parts of the game and the project 3 cars filter more than that of the work of the tires. Although it remains the dynamics of complex tires, unlike project car 2, they are constant pressure at ideal temperatures and can be a lot of aerodynamic and fun configuration processes for players. This means that the project car 3 does not use the actual wear of the tires, but it is a plurality of layers related to the heat mode.

"Of course, still configures its configuration, brake adjustment, weight distribution, vehicle height, alignment, spring, cushion, gears and differential, however, we made an option and digest the relationship between the Car 2 project is a car project 2 that the difference was very complicated. With the adjustment of at least 78, there are four different types of differences and at least 78 configurations and then, depending on the way the car was established, in that case there was all possible Postes, center and potential for front disks. Above. For the Project 3 car, we think about what the driver asked his engineer: Preload, accelerate the lock, slowed down and completed. The complex differential model is still in the background, but the player has an easier time to handle it through a new interface. Again, this will go to a careless analysis paralysis, more changes in direct tuning and career promotion. "

So slightly crazy, logic avoids punishing a time or trend to spend time or time to determine which tire is suitable for what race. Is.

The developers are detailed for these new layers and what they mean for the career experience. You can read a complete breakdown here.

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