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I know when I was young, we all dreamed of becoming rock stars or soccer players, but in our wildest dreams, we never thought that we could one day play video games as a career. However, becoming an esports gamer is fast becoming the professional goal of many young gamers around the world, and we will never feel jealous because we weren't born in a few years.

These professional players live in professional gambling dens, play several hours a day, and earn a considerable amount of money in the process. However, despite the growing popularity of the profession, many people soon find that becoming an esports player is much more difficult than they thought.

Like any career, it takes internal talents to get to the top. This isn't an easy climb, so you need to have that firepower to keep you going, through long nights, repetitive strain injuries, and losing game after game (game after game). You also need serious dedication. The best professional players do nothing but practice day after day. Although you may think this sounds like your opinion of heaven, even the biggest game fans among us will tire over time.

However, as players, we are not necessarily known for maintaining optimal health. Sitting and playing video games all day is not entirely suitable for a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, one area we almost always overlook is sleep, which can cause more damage than we think. Sleep affects our cognitive function, reaction time and ability to process data-all of which make us better players. Even professional players need eight hours a night.

Becoming a professional player is much more difficult than most of us understand. They spend several hours a day on their team rehearsing, practicing every possible scenario, and then critiquing every move they make. This is intense, but if you want to be the best, it is necessary.

For some elite professional gamers, joining a team means moving into the game house. These houses have been specially designed to help these teams of esports athletes do their best to train. They are equipped with an in-house chef, personal play equipment, private rooms, and the latest technology. But they also have their own strict rules. Daily practice involves the entire team, and the meal time is fixed. Most houses even have strict curfews and bedtimes to ensure their members get enough rest.

For players who have the opportunity to live in a casino, time is stricter than ever. These daily schedules vary from family to family, but they are all examples of a typical day in a professional athlete’s life:

. Like traditional athletes who spend most of their time training on the sport of their choice, professional athletes must do exactly the same. s things. This means sitting in front of their computers for long periods of time, so you can bet they have top-of-the-line gaming chairs, displays, and settings to make them as comfortable and effective as possible. The people in the

casino, their schedule is determined by themselves, that is, get up and go to bed strictly, there are practice time and team meal time. For example, in Cloud 9 Gaminghouse, a typical day looks like this:

10:00-Everyone gets up and downstairs to eat breakfast. Cloud 9 has an in-house chef, so you will never be hungry.

11:00-Practice begins. They have a training game, then a feedback meeting, and they will do it over and over again until the end of the practice.

14:00-The team has a one-hour lunch break. Once again, the chef at home cooked a storm, but the players were not forced to eat it. Many of them prefer to order their favorite food.

15:00-Practice recovery; more training games, more feedback.

19: 00-Practice is officially over, although many players will use their free time to play other games, so really, they will never have a chance to close.

02: 00-Time to sleep. Cloud 9 is determined to make sure its players sleep on time. They even turned off the wifi in the house so they aren't tempted to stay up late.

This schedule is applicable from Tuesday to Sunday, so players will not have much time to relax during the week. As you get closer and closer to the major tournaments, this schedule will be further increased to ensure that your skills are used in the game as much as possible.

Generally, professional players who do not live in the gambling house will end up playing longer. Without team sponsorship, they must find a way to fund their careers, which is why many of them will be streaming live on Twitch for hours between their own practice sessions. This means that many gamers spend more than 12 hours in front of the screen every day. In fact, at least one professional gamer claims to have played a game 80 hours ago. This sounds crazy, and it may be true.

Implementing a strict curfew in the game room helps solve a major problem many gamers face: getting enough sleep. Insufficient sleep will lead to longer reaction time, etc.; not suitable for professional players. However, the stereotype of gamers who rely on large amounts of caffeine for survival does not appear in a vacuum.

Although some of us try to persuade others, we sleep less than 6 hours a night, and we can't make it through. As humans, our bodies have been programmed to fall asleep sometime between 10 o'clock in the evening. M. and 12 a. M. Wake up between 6 am and 8 am. M; without any

Throw? They do more harm than good.

However, it is not only lack of sleep that affects players’ cumulative kills; changing our body’s circadian rhythm has also been shown to have a negative impact on mental and cognitive performance. The blue light emitted by our monitors can cause serious damage to this.

For professional gamers, one of the most important skills is incredible reaction time. Without them, they would have no chance to beat their competitors. A good night’s sleep is essential to maintaining these responsiveness. Not only does lack of sleep affect your ability to play, it can also cause problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and dementia.

Several studies have been conducted on the effect of sleep deprivation on our reaction time, so you should sit down and pay attention to this. But what about professional players? Of course, during your entire practice time, will you be deprived of at least a little sleep? Well, this is why so many bookmakers impose strict curfews and bedtime schedules on their players. Without this, your athletes are likely to fall into an endless loop of play without realizing that it is really late. For professional players, although their physical health may lag behind what it should be, their mental acuity is surprising. In fact, his reaction time is comparable to that of some of the best drivers in the world, an incredible feat.

It is also important to remember that most e-sports professionals are in their teens or twenties. At this age, their brains are still developing, which makes them more susceptible to the harmful effects of lack of sleep. Our brains are not fully developed until their twenties, and many players are below this age, lack of sleep is a real problem.

It is true that video games can do miracles for the development of our fine motor skills and decision-making abilities, but it has been proven that young players who have progressed until the wee hours have shown the same health problems as the average for 50 years. old.

But what about the other side of the story? We have talked a lot about how sleep affects gaming, but how does gaming affect sleep? Due to its negative impact on health, hundreds of studies believe that gaming is a profession or even a hobby. As gamers, we tend to ignore them because we all know that playing some FPS games here and there will not make us violent, just like playing Stardew Valley will not make us farmers. But there is some credit for what they said.

One of the biggest sleep disorders is blue light. This blue light is emitted from our cell phones, televisions, and PC monitors, disrupting our circadian rhythm. The type of light players are exposed to can inhibit our melatonin levels, which can disrupt our bodies' natural sleep patterns. If we don't take a break from the screen, we run the risk of having a sleepless night.

Of course, buying a monitor with built-in technology to help reduce eyestrain is a quick and easy way to solve this problem. Monitors such as the BenQ EW3270U are equipped with Brightness Intelligence +, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen to suit the surrounding environment. It also has flicker-free and eye protection technology, which can help reduce your eye fatigue. Another way that

games negatively affect professional gamers’ sleep is their general lack of physical exercise and how this will change their sleep patterns. We should all strive for at least 30 minutes of physical exercise every day, otherwise it will be difficult for us to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Okay, so the game will negatively affect your sleep, but it is not required. There are some ways you can spend a few hours a day practicing without affecting your sleep quality.

The first, and most obvious, is sticking to a regular sleep schedule. Look, I know you just want to watch one more episode [insert current popular Netflix show here], but going to bed at the same time every night helps make sure your sleep works as much as possible.

Speaking of turning off the television, staying away from the blue light we mentioned above is the key to helping you fall asleep faster in bed. Try to have at least an hour of screen-free time before going to bed for best results.

After this, it is common practice for many bookmakers to place technology and screens outside of the bedroom. Eliminating the temptation and making the bedroom a haven for sleep can make all the difference.

Although the rest of the world may not be able to catch up, we all understand how difficult life is as a professional gamer. They are athletes from start to finish. This is a different sport, but they need exactly the same mindset as professional soccer players. Although the most common injuries will be different, they have the same impact on the athletes' careers.

Like soccer, universities around the world are creating and operating their own esports teams, with some even offering athletic scholarships to students they really want. With this recognition at the university level, we hope that soon professional players will be recognized as true athletes.

In the United States, there are currently more than 150 schools registered with NACE (National Association for College Electronic Sports) that offer

The tension of the bone and the hamstring tendon, the escorted athlete will fight with Annesterin, back, neck pain and repeated exercise injuries. They also have a more serious condition, such as TVT (deep venous thrombosis) that can cause pulmonary embolism.

However, there is no specialist who is dedicated to maintaining the health of these exercise players. So it is reduced to the coach, and they. This means that they have to find the most effective and effective way to maintain these achievements in the bay. And sleep, play a huge part in it.

Good evening, the key to sleep, often overlook, your mattress. The Gamingfocused website is talking about strange mattresses, but it is surprised if you can make any difference of good mattress.

There is a mattress and is designed to help the back panel there (if you are sitting during the day, please do it pain, pain and childhood), and verify that there is a specialized orthopedic mattress. Your body has the opportunity to recover while you sleep. If you are not using it, it created the most powerful game PC using it, check what type of mattress toppers is, and help you improve your current, see. Intermediate sleep configuration.

As a player, we are more physically adjusted, we got there, and we do not always have any dynamics every day, and we are at a disadvantage of the screen behind that screen. This is time to feed it in a cross-sweat box (unless you enjoy it), every lunch hour, IRL football game here, or some swimming session every week, you can say. Said physical activities help our brain maintain more alert, according to the 2014 research. It also has more time in our game.

Good evening when relieving the dream, we have a roof on how well it can be done during the game. We should do the same if the best best is given a strict reward and we sleep at the forefront of your training.

Who knows, if we really receive 8 hours of our recommendation 8 hours, we can find millions of dollars as a probe player? Alternatively, we can live in a long length for legendary booty falls. In any case, at least stop the meta covered with the trick and stop reaching Red Bull after another incorrect Allnigtter. I call him Winwin.

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