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Predator cestus 335 gaming mouse revealed

Fans of the classic sci-fi horror movie The Predator will be happy to know that a new game called Predator: Hunting Grounds will be released next year.

announced already in May that this title will come from Friday the 13th: the same studio behind the game, the series brings the horror of the movies to the world of the game.

Although we have known about this upcoming game since the summer, the release date has not been announced until now. During the PlayStation State of Play live stream, the title preview and release date were revealed.

Predator: Hunting Grounds will be released on April 24, 2020 for PlayStation 4. Enthusiastic players can experiment first and pre-order, which will unlock exclusive rewards, including the "Predator" 87 skin and early access to the "Ole Paless" machine gun seen in the movie. Take a look at the release date trailer below for a sneak peek - the

trailer begins with a quick montage, showing all the actions you'll be able to experience in this game. Then it will take us to navigate through all the game options that you can access.

You can play as a predator and you can customize everything, including the appearance, equipment and weapons you use to hunt prey - this is certainly what players are looking forward to!

You can choose from different professions, including hunters, berserkers, and scouts, all of which have their own options and the ability to stealthily pursue human opponents.

The Hunter class gives you balanced weapons and the ability to adapt to different play styles and various situations. The Berserker is suitable for those who want to increase their attack power, and the Ranger class is suitable for those who want to play fast and fast. . Resistance is its main characteristic. Each of these professions has its own set of armor that you can choose from and customize.

On the other side of the battle, you can join a team of players controlling a team of soldiers working in the jungle, trying to kill player-controlled predators before they hunt you down.

This provides you with a variety of playing methods, because you can choose which side to control. Do you want to work as a team or as a lone wolf?

In addition to fighting off predators, there is more room for action, as the team of soldiers must complete other objectives while hunting. They must work together to destroy other enemies and restore important items to sustain life.

If you are a predator in this situation, you will have some breathing space away from the soldiers who are trying to knock you down. You can even launch your own attacks when they are distracted.

This style of game that allows you to choose between playing a good person or playing a bad person provides a refreshing change.

is played as a team, you can work as a team and develop strategies to hunt down predators. As a predator, you can use the advanced technology, armor, and weapons available to your character to hunt down other players.

It looks like this will be an action packed title that fans of the Predator movie series and fans of the new movie will be able to enjoy together. We can't wait to see what this title has prepared for us.

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