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Prebuilt vs custom pc gaming

Acer announced that it will release another gaming mouse called the Predator Cestus 335.

Although Acer's peripherals are not well known, its range of display and gaming laptops are its biggest advantages. We hope so. Give this latest version a try to see if it can be our shortlist for the best gaming mouse of 2021.

See below what we currently know about the Cestus 335. The

Predator Cestus 335 ergonomic gaming mouse is equipped with a PixArt 3370 sensor with a polling rate of 2000 Hz.

Has "five color-coded DPI levels, up to 19,000 DPI." The

mouse has ten programmable buttons. Macros can be assigned in Acer's proprietary QuaterMaster software. Up to five configuration files can be created and can be assigned to different games and "game types".

Finally, the "Super Fast Scroll Button" enables faster page navigation while browsing the web.

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