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At WePC, we always recommend that you build your own gaming PC, which will bring a sense of accomplishment, add value, and of course add new skills to your tracks. With that said, not all new PC Masters members want to deal with the added pressure that can come from component selection or the physical build process, be it due to time constraints or other reasons, this is where pre-built games are starting. to be very difficult.

We want to tackle custom Vs pre-built PCs, not to find the best option, but to understand each of its advantages and disadvantages. We want to clearly answer questions like "Is a pre-built PC worth it?" And "Should I buy a pre-installed gaming PC?" To give you peace of mind when purchasing a new system.

The main reason we try to allow readers to create custom PCs instead of buying PCs is simple value.

As we all know, you can use a custom PC to squeeze your cash into better hardware, and the markup on the pre-built computer is usually the same as the cost of the entire assembly ($ 100 and over $ 300).

Although the performance of a pre-built gaming PC is rarely questioned, when you build your own gaming PC, in theory, you can integrate a better CPU or GPU into your computer at a lower cost. This means you can use your hard-earned money to perform better, perform better in the game, and make your investment last longer. The main selling point of the pre-installed

gaming PC is that it saves you hassle. We know that not everyone knows how to assemble a computer and may not even have time to learn this new skill, so the convenience of pre-assembly is significant. Of course, there are more benefits to buying a pre-made gaming PC from the manufacturer. Obviously, you can reduce the pressure to find all compatible components, while also preventing component damage during construction.

uses a pre-built gaming PC, and if there is a problem, you can return it to the manufacturer. Also, if you think you need to update, the provider will usually do it for you, or at least insist on sending it to you for an update. The manufacturer also provides a warranty, which usually covers parts and labor for about a year, but some companies offer an impressive warranty, and you can always spend more on insurance to give you a long-term / lifetime warranty. These

pre-built computers come from the largest manufacturers in the world and are not only carefully packaged for you, but they usually stress test the system to make sure the components are working properly and performing as expected prior to shipment. You will also receive a system with software, usually pre-installed with Windows and drivers, so you just need to plug it in and start downloading the game.

All of the above points show that buying prefabricated parts has many benefits, as long as you understand that these systems will increase your labor costs. After all, prebuilt fabricators are a business, so you can expect to increase the price of construction. The only real negative impact of a pre-installed PC is value. You can always build a gaming PC to the same specs for a lower price. It's up to you, there's nothing wrong with buying pre-install, but since there's all the written and video content available there, it's not difficult to build a PC, so give it a try!

A major factor in the debate over why you should buy a pre-built gaming PC now is the current market. Due to the increased demand for the current generation of graphics cards, global pandemics that interfere with production and distribution, and the continued prevalence of crypto mining, we have never seen an inventory shortage like this. The GPU is a highly requested component and clearly vital to your gaming PC. Under this demand, we have seen prices hit record levels.

Getting the GPU you want has been a real struggle, especially at the ad's suggested retail price, but it seems pre-built PC makers are still trying to get some. As demand increases, prices for pre-built PCs are increasing, making them less popular, but there are still some good deals.

Of course, you need to download your game before entering the server, but you can turn on a pre-built gaming PC and start it as soon as it arrives. Manufacturers almost always pre-install Windows 10 and the necessary drivers and BIOS updates on the PC. The RAM speed of the PC will also match the full potential of the promotion, you do not need to enter the BIOS and XMP RAM (overclocking) yourself.

Don't forget that some PC manufacturers also offer free mice and keyboards, so nothing can stop you from enjoying your PC from day one.

Although mid-range to high-end pre-built gaming PCs perform excellently, some entry-level pre-built PCs aren't worth it at all. Entry-level systems with very old integrated graphics or weak graphics are a huge waste. Although you can play games on them, your experience will not be very pleasant because you will be forced to play games at low settings and resolutions.

Of course, these pre-fab homes are suitable for some folks, but if you're on a small budget, you should reconsider building your own gaming PC and get something of value for your hard-earned money.

The image above is to show you what the additional hundreds of dollars in your budget can add to your performance when building a custom PC. Are

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