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HP Reverb G2 virtual reality headsets can now be ordered from select retailers. Reverb G2 is a cooperative project between Microsoft and HP with investment from Valve, a veteran supporter of virtual reality. It was announced in May as a high-resolution headset firmly targeting the gaming market.

Enhances first-generation reverb and adds popular features because the additional tracking camera and newly designed motion controller are terrible. Reverb G2 is equipped with new Valve designed lenses and speakers. Valve's own Index headphones are widely praised for their comfortable front speakers, which can produce high-quality immersive spatial audio.

G2 provides a panel of 2160 × 2160 pixels per eye without a wall, pulsed backlight technology, full RGB sub-pixel stripes and 9.3 million pixels. It can easily pass most other headphones on the market in terms of specifications, and is close to rivals Oculus' Rift S and Quest. Among the major suppliers of virtual reality glasses, the resolution is the highest. However, its rating is slightly lower, the refresh rate is 90Hz, and the field of view is smaller at 114 degrees.

Four cameras (two on the front and two on the side) can achieve better motion tracking, greatly improving the standard of the Windows mixed reality tracking system we expect. In terms of sensors, Reverb G2 has 6 DOF motion tracking, gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer. The redesigned controller is based on Oculus scripts and adopts a smaller, more ergonomic design. Each hand has two front buttons and A / B or X / Y buttons, menu buttons, Windows start buttons, and handle triggers. Device, joystick and trigger. They also canceled the first-gen G2's touchpad. The

Reverb G2 is compatible with Windows Mixed Reality and Steam VR, allowing access to a large number of VR games and content on both platforms. HP is also equipped with a hardware adjustable interpupillary distance (IPD) slider, which makes it easy to find the perfect width between lenses. Regardless of the shape or size of the wearer's face, increasing the cushion size for even weight distribution, flexible materials, and magnetic separation capabilities should also help achieve an ideal fit on the head. There is also a large, six-meter, lightweight cable.

is now available for pre-order from Connection retailers in the United States for $599.99. As for the UK, interested parties can deposit cash in advance through HP's exclusive Reverb G2 partner SystemActive in the UK, at a cost of £525.00. HP expects to release the Reverb G2 this fall, although the company has not yet announced a firm release date.

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