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By any standard, portable gaming monitors are nothing new, but it seems that more and more manufacturers have joined this technology, which begs the question: Why buy a portable gaming monitor?

Adding a second screen is nothing new. Portable gaming monitors are a more versatile way to add more desktop space. Your game may not be played strictly in one place. If you move around a lot, a portable display the size of a handbag with you will be much more convenient than your usual alternatives.

Since portable gaming monitors are not as easily available as ordinary gaming monitors and have not been fully tested, let’s take a look at why someone actually buys a portable gaming monitor and what is important to look for, to finally help you figure out whether you should invest in it or not. Types of panels.

Although small PCs, laptops, and game consoles can be stowed away and carried with you, ordinary monitors are very bulky and are usually easily damaged during transportation. The size of portable displays varies, almost everyone has a panel, and the variety of games is the latest. Generally speaking, the

portable monitor is developed from the laptop screen, and the perfect size is between 15 and 17 inches. This size allows gamers to be at a critical juncture, when you sit very close, you can deny the shortcomings of the small screen anyway. Most portable displays use a stand made of strong thin plastic. These brackets are very similar to tablet suitcases, in fact they are almost identical, and can be folded flat to provide users with an obtuse angle of view. To prevent the screen from simply falling off, the case usually has a grip portion, or you will often find a slot in the lid to provide stability.

As mentioned above, these folding mounts are made up of the suitcase itself, if dropped, it will naturally protect the screen and equipment. The most basic design of portable gaming monitors uses the same pivoting mechanism as photo frames, although they cannot function as protective cases and are generally found in cheaper models.

The first thing to know is that although portable gaming monitors tend to be more expensive, there is always a budget to suit everyone. When it comes to why you should buy one of these portable gaming monitors, it mostly depends on your personal circumstances, because WePC always recommends that you switch to a normal gaming monitor.

First, let's talk about gamers who use laptops. Laptop gamers love the convenience of being able to set up and play AAA games anywhere, whether at home or on the go. The problem of playing games on a laptop usually comes down to the limited screen size, I don't know if you have tried using a laptop screen, but it gets annoying. Therefore, a quick solution to this problem is naturally a portable gaming screen. You can pack this device with your laptop and set it up quickly, giving you additional screen space to use.

Another reason you should buy a portable gaming monitor could be the size of your PC or console. You may travel a lot for work and have been looking for a smaller solution so that when you finish playing a few games in a hotel or at a friend's house, you don't need to pack a 27-inch gaming monitor in a suitcase. The most important thing about

is that unless your situation requires you to buy it, we will never recommend that you buy one of them through a normal gaming monitor.

Now that you know why you should buy a portable gaming monitor, let us review some of the things to consider to make sure you get the product that meets your needs.

Currently, the screen resolution options for gamers appear to be limited to 1080p and 4K. This is not always the case. I'm sure the 1440p model is already in production, but unless your gaming rig can handle 4K, I'll stick with 1080p because everything on the screen will be easier to read.

Many portable displays appear to be advanced IPS panel types. Displays that use IPS (In-Plane Switching) are generally more popular than VA (Vertical Alignment) and TN (Twisted Nematic) panels. IPS is the first choice due to its wider viewing angle, allowing you to get more uses from portable gaming monitors, not just gaming, because you can hang out and watch movies without adjusting the screen.

IPS is now very common. As response time gets closer and closer to the response time of TN panels, in addition to price, there are fewer reasons to choose TN panels than ever before.

The recent use of USBC connections for these highly mobile portable displays has the added benefit of allowing them to charge quickly and be more feasible. Many USBC ports support DisplayPort over USB and USB power, allowing data and power to flow through the same port.

Many portable gaming monitors are equipped with USB TypeC ports, but are generally equipped with additional HDMI ports for connecting to your gaming device.

If you've decided to use a portable gaming monitor in moderation, here are some of our favorite options to choose from. If you'd like to learn more about why we like them and see more options, be sure to visit our best portable gaming monitor page for more information.

Whether you are in a small space, thrive on convenience, or want to pay close attention to children while they play, portable gaming monitors have many benefits. Of course, this type of monitor does not

It helps you determine why you should buy a portable gaming monitor, and you can quickly return to those games.

Have you ever had a portable gaming monitor? Are there any models that you think should be cut out? Go to the WePC community and share with the team.

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