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After years of waiting, we finally have the next generation of Pokémon games. Coming to Nintendo Switch later this year, the release date for Pokémon Sword and Shield is drawing near. Fans like me are getting more excited every day.

If you, like me, started playing the black and green era of Pokémon Red on Gameboy, then this is amazing news. And, since it's only available on the Nintendo Switch (and Nintendo Switch Lite), you can bet that the sales of these consoles will increase as well. Especially since they will release a special edition of Lite when Pokémon is released, I know what I will put on the Christmas list this year.

just in time for these holiday sales, the release date of Pokémon Sword and Shield is set for November 15, 2019. Therefore, the countdown for Pokémon fans around the world has officially begun.

The last "real" Pokémon game released in 2017, "Sword and Shield" marked the first complete game to be launched on the Switch. Although Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee are very similar to the games we are used to, they do not feel the same as the good games of the past.

The Pokémon Sword and Shield reservation is here

Through this new game, we can also explore a completely new world: Gallel. This map appears to be based on a more British-style country, where hills, small towns and large cities coexist. The trailer also shows what appears to be a gem mine, an underground mining system that may be reminiscent of diamonds and pearls, and a soccer field. So it seems that we should have an interesting world to explore. One of the biggest changes in

Pokémon Sword and Shield is the introduction of Dynamaxing. With this new feature, you can turn your Pokémon into a huge size and give them the ability to perform special attacks, causing additional damage. Switching only lasts three rounds, and each battle can only be carried out once, so it introduces another layer of strategy into the existing combat system. There is also a more powerful version, called Gigantamaxing, which is only available for certain types of Pokémon.

Of course, with new games, we will also get new Pokémon. However, for the first time since the start of the game, you will no longer be able to "catch it all!" Now that the number of a single Pokémon has reached 1,000, the game designer said that including them all has become too difficult to manage. It is not clear which Pokémon have not passed. We have seen things like Charizard, Nidoran, Butterfree and Gyarados, so at least they didn't start with the original lineup. (Also known as the best team).

There is also a mysterious Pokémon being teased through a special page on the official website. All we have is a defective Pokémon image and some heavily edited text. There are some theories circulating, the most credible of which is that it is actually Sirfetch`d. Sirfetch`d is an evolution of the rumored Farfetch`d, and its existence has been discussed for a long time. Take a look at the page and let us know what you think! Update

: We are right!

We received confirmation today (September 18) that the mysterious Pokémon has always been Sirfetch`d. Check out the official picture below.

The latest Nintendo Direct allows us to revisit the game, as well as some interesting new updates. We see how many options there are when customizing characters, including hair and makeup options, and an extended wardrobe to choose from. We also learned about the introduction of the Pokémon camp. These temporary camps give you the opportunity to socialize with your Pokémon and get to know Pokémon from other trainers. You also have the opportunity to cook a delicious curry pot. Like Boffins in Pokémon Pearl, Diamond and Platinum, there are more than 100 recipes to discover, each with its own benefits when consumed.

We also met a new team of villains, in the form of Marnie and her followers: Team Yell. We don't know much about these new characters, but their design is very interesting. However, I can't help but stick with the old days. I have to say I miss the Rockets and their absurdity, so hopefully the new generation can live up to their legacy.

For any Pokémon trainer, the most important question is which Pokémon they will choose as starters. Each game gave us three options: types of fire, grass, and water. Although the choice you make will only affect which one your opponent will choose, this is a hot topic.

In "Sword and Shield", we introduced Scorbunny, a cheeky fire rabbit; Grookey, a fat monkey; and Sobble, the saddest tadpole I have ever seen. I always fight for fire, so here has never been a difficult decision for me. Since I met Charmander in an animation show, I have never looked back. Chapter

Which novice Pokémon would you choose? Are you excited to explore the new Gallel area? Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield in the comments below!

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