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Playstation black friday deals

Sony recently announced a new game that will appear on PlayStation Plus in May 2020. However, not everyone is satisfied with the options on offer.

This is mainly due to rumors and leaked images suggesting that the game will release Dying Light and Dark Souls in May. However, it seems that May's game couldn't be more different.

Two new games have been announced, and they are far from what users expected in May.

From Paradox Interactive, "City: Skyline" is a very popular city construction game.

players can build communities, landmarks, complex road and rail systems, play politics, and keep a large population happy and functional. This is a complex and detailed game, but it offers a lot of things for those who like simulation games and city building.

The second game is another mock problem. So if you are not a fan of this type, you may be disappointed in May.

However, if you really like simulation games and are looking for something different, Farming Simulator 19 is a good option.

Farming Simulator allows players to farm, farm, raise livestock and sell the fruits of their labor to develop a successful agricultural business. Just like in games like Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can enter this game without any interest in farming and then suddenly wonder where you have been in the last 5 hours ...

Farming Simulator has a good review on Steam too, but The PS4 version cannot be said to have received low reviews due to some hardware limitations. There is also some degree of module support in the game console, helping returning players keep the game fresh. 4,444 PlayStation Plus users were not impressed with these products. This is partly because everyone has hope for the initially leaked game. However, this can serve as a clear reminder not to overemphasize rumors.

Others are disappointed that it is two simulation games, so there is no change for those who don't like playing simulators, which is a fair point. Whether we will see more diverse products in the coming months remains to be seen. However, we doubt that this month's lineup will change.

To say the least, the PlayStation Plus transactions in the past few months have been better accepted. We can understand why people are disappointed, especially when people play more games than ever before. However, these are two reliable sim games with high ratings, so at least simfans will be happy.

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