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Playstation 5 release date where to buy and specs

Jim Ryan, CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, posted an unremarkable post on PlayStation.Blog. It revealed that the gaming giant's next generation is officially called the PlayStation 5 and will launch over the holidays next year.

After months of speculation and complete silence from Sony, we finally confirmed that PlayStation 5 is progressing smoothly.

In addition to the big news, Ryan also revealed that a new controller widely known as the DualShock 5 is also coming soon. It eliminates the noise function that has dominated controller technology for most of the last two decades in favor of tactile feedback. The new

technology aims to "reimagine how the sense of touch can increase immersion" and promises to provide a wider range of sensations. This is all about texture and variety, not the limited parameters of the existing rumble technology, it only allows changes based on intensity and not too many others. In addition to

, the new controller also has an adaptive activation button. Ryan said: "Developers can program the trigger resistance to give you the touch of a bow and arrow, or let an off-road vehicle speed in rocky terrain. Combined with the sense of touch, this can produce a powerful experience that better simulates various actions. .''

As we already know, the new console will use AMD APU because it combines Ryzen and Navi technologies, which are the same as those used in Microsoft’s next-generation Project Scarlet console.

In addition, Sony is moving towards SSD storage, This will greatly reduce loading time and change the way developers use game data. We may see the end of the long loading time between parts of the game, reminiscent of the cassette era when the game ran smoothly.

's new SSD features will also change the way gamers install games because they will be able to choose which parts of the game to load on their machines. Do you like single player games and do not need to load multiplayer game files? This is not a problem for PlayStation 5.

A new user interface is also coming soon, making it easier for users to obtain community and game information from the PlayStation ecosystem without having to start the game. This can include goals, specific tasks, or tasks a friend just completed in a specific game. According to reports,

Devkits have been delivered to some developers (including EA), although we still don’t know which games are in development, or which PlayStation 5 releases we can expect. The

announcement failed to provide the rendering visual effects of the new PlayStation 5, so we have to wait a while to know what Sony’s design team has designed for the next generation.

As the cat finally gets out of its predicament, Sony is expected to arouse excitement when the company releases news clips before the release in late 2020.

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