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If you haven't experienced the open water warfare of World of Warships, you've missed it.

For beginners, "World of Warships" is a naval battle-themed MMO released in late 2015, but don't let the relatively old age of this game fool you, it's terrible. 4,444 players fight to the death in the naval battleship, plan tactical routes and destroy the enemy with all the strategic talents of the admiral.

If you need more persuasive power, here are five reasons why you should play World of Warships.

During the height of naval battles during World War I and World War II, "World of Warships" provided no less than 200 warships for players to conquer and go to the Seven Seas.

We have destroyers, suitable for those who like speed, stealth and use destructive torpedoes to attack the enemy under the cover of waves.

There are some fast cruisers designed to fight other ships and air planes to the same degree, whether it is to defend the fleet or lead an attack.

Then there is a huge battleship, capable of devastating attacks, but also capable of taking damage while bravely observing the rest of the fleet.

Finally, the aircraft carrier built a bridge to the sky by providing a launch pad for multifunctional air strikes, exploration, and coordination of major combat strategies. The

ships are impressive, but without the strongest naval power of the past, we would not have appeared anywhere.

In "World of Warships", you can play the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain, Japan, Nazi Germany, France, and Italy.

Play with you regional team. Pan Asia brings together ships from China, Thailand, South Korea and Indonesia. Allies of the former Commonwealth of the British Empire. Finally, we have a Pan-American faction and a European task force. The beauty of

providing such a generous distribution of countries is that each country has advantages and disadvantages, thereby increasing the strategic depth of the game. A person can adapt better to one specific task while failing miserably in another task.

We have ships and naval power, but what "World of Warships" really plays is the various naval battle arenas in the real world. Each arena has a dynamic climate, from thick fog to stormy seas.

These sandbox maps are all over the world, from polar ice caps to idyllic tropical turquoise waters, through the straits and islands of the Aegean Sea, and everything in between. There is even a space map with asteroids and a hollow instead of the ocean.

You have chosen your ship, assigned a naval power to your fleet and selected a map; now is the time to go into battle. In the most exciting game we've encountered in recent years, not to mention intense player-to-player battles, the online multiplayer component of World of Warships is simply exciting.

If this sounds a bit too much, you can also team up with friends and battle robots for a slightly more forgiving experience while trading as a commander.

Although all the above content is enough for you to try "World of Warships", the best part is that it is completely free. The game can also unlock access to new ships and gifts without having to pay cash through microtransactions. This is an ordeal, but a very pleasant one.

However, if you wish, you can choose a paid premium account to get additional XP boosts or use real world currencies to unlock new ships and technologies.

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