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Planet zoo system requirements

Gamecom in the first live release of Gamecom in Gamecom, predator: appears unexpectedly during the night, the live presentation of the opening of the game at night to announce the video of the first gameplace of the hunting place.

stimulated the genres of shooters that illural, taken with a 1v4 format ideas, which may be behind the project, winning the leader's brand.

The trailer is fixed to a dense jungle of these conflicts of 1v4 and attacks the base of the pedestal. Before things take off the notch, the predator foreign title appears, shoot at a few peritary protections. The

are oscillated as a jungle and grape tree and proceeds to provide rapid justice to each member of Fireteam. Using Stealth, predators blow the soldiers using the weapons and technical matrices of the aliens. Invisible, acrobatic movement, and a fatal hurry from above.

The predator player can be up, but enormous power of his agility and attack means that the battle is in his favorably balanced, and UN up climbs up, there are four teams to come.

Due to understanding, the main prelope game completes the purpose, such as the AI enemy, and the predator seeks the article before performing the entry, or destroying the building. Complete the purpose. Ilfonconic has the competence of a player against the time of the job offer, and the predecessor based on objects forms a type of game.

Ilfonic, the trailer has preservative preservative: the video and the game games are still a lot in early development. The developers are trying to touch the excitement of swing between hunters and hunting. Because we saw, the format seems to be quite refined, and it is certain that it will provide new things to the thigh market that has already been saturated.

As a seat, predator: The root of the hunting must fall into PlayStation 4 by 2020. The PC version is very high.

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