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Frontier Developments, the creator of the Planet Coaster theme park simulator, announced the Planet Zoo game screen on E3, bringing the trials and tribulations of building and managing a real zoo to life. Although

was officially announced in April, this is the first time we understand the meaning of Planet Zoo. The gameplay is clearly similar to the roller coaster planet; players carefully build their parks but eliminate the disgusting roller coaster to support more than 50 animals. Hippos, zebras, bears, wolves, elephants, crocodiles, spiders, chimpanzees, giraffes and more.

Animals are the protagonists of the show, with great emphasis on realism, protection and animal welfare. Frontier shows promise among the most realistic animals ever seen in video games. This is a daunting task, but the developers are capable of achieving this goal.

will have exhibits, research and breeding programs, as well as the ability to release animals into the wild. As for the guests, they are styled the same as those on the planet of the roller coaster, but take a new animal-centric approach to tracking the desire for education when they visit the zoo.

The way you design your habitat affects animal health, weather conditions, and the way you use specific editing tools, such as terrain or water sources. Each of them has a clear set of needs to be met, as well as unique temperaments and habits. They react in real time to the evolution of the fence and the entire park.

For example, during a snowstorm, wolves will find warmth in burrows in groups, and keeping the fence clean by regularly removing feces is vital to their well-being.

Planet Zoo will be equipped with a rich set of tools, allowing players to choose the park to the smallest details, from a larger number of landscape additions (such as lakes and caves) to the length of the lawn and the type of trees and everything in between . Choose the right combination and the animal will work hard. The developer stated that there will be different levels of management, from large-scale decision-making to manual operation of smaller aspects of zoo maintenance.

Planet Zoo will be launched via Steam on November 5th this year. This summer’s beta is underway, so please pay close attention so that you have the opportunity to participate as early as possible.

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