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Pick up a massive double fine game bundle for just 9

If you're planning to build a new gaming PC, have outdated gear in desperate need of an upgrade, or just want a little extra RGB lighting, this is your best option!

Provoking your computer has never been easier, and aesthetics are the top consideration for manufacturers. Maybe you are bored with the current system? Or you just bought a new tempered glass case, you need to pay special attention to the design.

There are countless ways to inject a little excitement into your build, from RGB light strips to RGB components and cables, that we have provided for you. Of course, builders have plenty of options for adding some talent to their builds, and we'll share them with you in this article. The

motherboard is usually an area where manufacturers are trying to get the best deal, and value is more important than functions such as RGB. Well, Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme not only has these compelling features, but the motherboard is one of Intel's best motherboards.

If you are going the AMD route, you may want to consider the X570 version of this motherboard (if available). I haven't seen it available yet, but MSI MEG X570 Godlike looks sharp and performs better than others! This

motherboard not only has some of the best RGB we have seen, but it also provides some impressive features for audiophiles. This is an excellent upgrade of the overclocking style, with an OC touchpad, allowing you to control the BIOS without restarting the system.

This motherboard is also equipped with Aorus RGB fan commander, allowing you more flexibility in lighting effects and fan speed. Over the years,

RGB lighting on GPUs has become more and more popular, and it is Gigabyte’s design that makes it stand out.

Now, Gigabyte Aorus 2080 TI Xtreme may not be the most cost-effective graphics card. The Strix version of the graphics card provides an impressive price-performance ratio. In other words, not many GPUs can provide RGB lighting effects as good as this one.

This is a very fast graphics card; it is brilliant. If you can afford to use 2080 TI, it will change the appearance of your system with minimal effort. If you are considering a vertical stand for the GPU, the Aorus Xtreme 2080 TI is unmatched.

It may be important to upgrade your RAM for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to overclock the memory? Maybe you need faster speed to adapt to your next-generation Ryzen CPU. Either way, why not add eye-catching colors, as well as high performance and extremely fast speed?

This fast RAM has an impressive heat sink and some of the best RGB RAM. G.Skill's Trident Z Neo is very stable and provides 8zone RGB. Without G.Skill Trident RAM, the pimp's construction would not be complete.

In many cases with a PSU protector, you might think it is a useless pimp component. Well, for some builds, this statement is correct; however, there are still many cases showing the situation in the basement. This Thermaltake

power supply has passed Gold + efficiency certification and comes with a 10-year warranty. If that's not enough, it's also equipped with a Thermaltake RGB ring, making it one of the most beautiful PSUs currently available.

Of course, this is a fully modular PSU too, which means you can get flexible cable management and add some modified cables as needed.

Now if someone is still using only hard drives, then it must be time to buy an SSD! SSD will provide you with faster speed and better quality of computing life.

For those who already have an SSD and are looking for a little extra RGB injection, the Gigabyte Aorus RGB M.2 is a good option. Although the read and write speed of this m.2 may not be the fastest, its design is one of the best we have seen.

If your motherboard is shielded, you may need to remove it because the SSD case is very thick.

Now if you prefer air coolers, there are RGB options to choose from, but you should seriously consider Thermaltake Floe RGB coolers.

This integrated three-fan radiator can handle a lot of heat, making it perfect for anyone looking to overclock the CPU. If keeping your CPU cool is not enough, it also comes with some of Thermaltake's best RGB fans. The most impressive thing about the

AIO is its relatively low noise output, which makes it a good choice for many reasons.

Purchasing a new case is a guaranteed way to enhance the visual appeal of your build. The case with a toughened glass panel provides you with a unique viewing angle of the system and allows any RGB components to pass through.

Fractal's S2 RGB is quality-oriented, ready to use and beautiful in appearance. In this case, there is an RGB fan and a controller, which can be changed manually.

This box is very easy to build, just like most Fractal Design boxes. What's always impressive about this company is the airflow and thermal performance you can achieve by using their products. The

RGB power cord is quite new in the field of computer manufacturing.

Lianli is in a leading position in designing RGB power cords. They are available in 24-pin and 8-pin. 24-pin and 8-pin are sold separately, but both can be obtained through the link above. These cables act as cable modules, just as an extension of the main display RGB lighting.

In the cable department,

CableMod is clearly marked as compatible with the Corsair PSU, so be sure to check compatibility with your PSU. The

RGB fan is one of the first choices for any builder who wants to add some charm to their system. Although RGB fans look great, they also provide important airflow for your system. As we all know, good airflow can lower temperatures and extend component life. These

Thermaltake fans can be supplied in three packages or individually and use Thermaltake's new "riiing" design. The triple "i" refers to these fans with three RGB rings to carefully illuminate any situation.

These fans are great, solid workmanship, while remaining quite quiet. These will also be equipped with a Thermaltake fan controller to help you manage speed and lighting effects anytime, anywhere.

The easiest and cheapest way for anyone to cheat a PC is to buy RGB LED strips. LED strips come from many different companies, sometimes with small remote controls!

These strips can be double-sided tapes or magnetic strips attached to their shells, the sole purpose of which is to add some color to the building. These from Phanteks will of course be compatible with Phanteks fan controllers, but will continue to work on any system anyway.

If you're pimp your computer, there's a great possibility for RGB light strips and additional fans! Although the extra airflow and lighting are great, you need to think about how to manage them all. The

fan controller will eliminate some problems and make it easier to control fan speed and lighting effects. The

Commander Pro cannot fail and is one of the best fan controllers on the market. You get eight channels and Corsair's very intuitive software.

Although their pimping system is not for everyone, there are more and more ways to do it! For a great inexpensive customization, make sure you have a tempered glass window and RGB light strips.

Of course, the best way to fool your PC is to customize the water cooling cycle, but we know that many people don't have the experience or resources to go that far.

If you find any cool way to fool your PC too honestly, let us know in the comments below.

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