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Physics based puzzler relicta available on pc from today

Do you want to reserve your game library? Well, check out the latest Humble Bundle news. The Humble Bundle Double Fine 20th Anniversary bundle contains a large number of games and even documentaries of different levels. You can own everything for just $ 9.

On the first level of the Humble Bundle, the price is only $ 1 and you can choose the following:

Psychonauts is a classic action-adventure platformer that follows a psychic named Razputin. To join a group of psychic agents, Raz Putin broke into a secret training facility and discovered that an enemy had kidnapped Raz's friends to steal their brains.

Now something different. Double Fine Adventure is a documentary series that records the creation of "Broken Age" and the development of video games.

Amnesia Fortnight 2012 is a documentary that was originally released as a daily video update during a two-week prototype crisis. If you want to know what's going on behind Double Fine, this is one way of understanding the situation.

This bundle level also includes two sequels from different years:

was originally a LucasArts game from the 90s, and Day of the Tentacle is an enigmatic game about time travel. With three friends, they must work together to stop the evil mutant purple tentacles from destroying the world.

This is a family-friendly puzzle game with many famous names lending their voices. Elijah Wood, Jack Black, and Masasa Moyo tell this strange story about talking about spoons and vomit trees.

Brutal Legend is an action adventure game focused on open world combat and exploration. In this title, you will see the cross-inspiration between fantasy novels and heavy metal.

This is a VR-only title, which is a continuation of the original Psychonauts game. You will be playing Raz again, he is now a full member of the group Psychonauts.

Massive Chalice is more like a tactical strategy game, allowing you to command heroes, fight mysterious enemies, and form alliances with other countries.

Costume Quest is a sweet Halloween RPG / adventure game. Choose your hero, start stunt adventures, complete tasks, form your party, and collect cool costumes along the way.

can unlock all previous games and these additional features for only $9. You will see the perfect combination of simulations, roguelikes and more experimental games here:

This huge game bundle costs $303, so it’s great value for money. The package sold out in less than two weeks, so you have enough time to pick it up. If you continue to purchase this package, you will support SpecialEffect, Girls Make Games and the charity of your choice.

Will you buy this bundle? Let us know how your health is!

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